Avoid Confusion In Your Tarot Readings.

It may have happened to you that after a reading you feel all confused, even more than when you first came in with the goal of getting some clarity in your situation, right? You have the feeling that you have got mixed information and it is hard to separate the truth from all of that. Well, it has happened to the best of us, but now I’m throwing a question; Have you thought about your questions?

Nobody gets a reading on a topic they are not deeply invested in, and it is just natural to have your own desires. When a subject is particularly hard for you or close to your heart, it is normal to have your hopes set on an answer that validates your feelings, but, being raw and honest here, it is better to be objective about the situation.

This happens most with family and romance readings. We want it all to work out so bad that we may get lost in the process and we want to find a way regardless, when, the sad truth is that the famous saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” doesn’t usually apply in situations where third parties play an elemental role.

Say Jane is head over heals for Joe, who has been acting a bit awkward for the last few days. Jane will probably want to get a reading that can help her clarify what’s going on with Joe and where is the situation going. The situation can actually be that Joe is having a bit of a fastidious week, and he is not up to anything else but eat – deal with whatever his issue is – sleep and repeat! But, sometimes the situation is not a temporary crisis and it comes up that Joe just isn’t interested.

Here’s when this “unclear” sort of readings are likely to happen. Jane’s first question may be “What is going on with Joe?” And the answer be “He is not focused on this connection, he is not feeling it.” All is clear up to that point. But things can get complicated from here. Jane wants to find an open door! And she’s not to blame, it is her heart at stake!

Then, Jane can continue the reading with some “What’s going to happen between us?” and sometimes it is clear that the situation is not going anywhere, but some others, it is shown that while what she has now can last for a while, it is not going further than that. And now, it all gets much messier.

“Will we EVER be a couple?” This is where it really starts going south for a few reasons. First “ever” is a really, really wide period of time and many factors can intervene, and second, it subjects Jane as a querent to a wait for a person who, as of today, is not interested in her.

Another possibility is “Does he love me?” which at this point gives almost invariably, with very, very seldom exceptions, a “no” for an answer. The next question does not make it much better “Then, what does he feel for me?” This one is probably the most dangerous, and let me elaborate. Unless Jane is dating the King of the Whitewalkers, the most likely scenario is that this person is not entirely indifferent to her presence – which again, doesn’t mean love – but when this information is conveyed, the amount of questions asked about the same topic and the fact that the minimum appreciation towards Jane can be enough for her to hope that his feelings will change, leaves her with a confusing taste, while the tonic of the reading has been pretty clear. Joe is not going down that path.

So, what can be done to avoid this feeling and get a clear reading that really leaves you feeling that you know what to do next?   Here are some tips.

  1. Before getting a reading on a topic really close to your heart, make a list with your questions. Let them sit for a few hours and then ask yourself “How useful are these questions?”
  2. Avoid questions that are a variation of a question you have previously asked, they are not going to add much to the reading and you may end up getting confused. If you have asked “Does he love me?” There’s a high chance that the answer is not just a plain yes or no and the feelings have been discussed.
  3. It is natural if you feel upset about the information that you are given in a reading particularly when it is contrary to what you wish. If that is the case, you can end the reading for the time being and resume it again later on with more constructive questions.

What sort of questions can help you regain power in the situation?

  1. Ask questions that bring the power back to you. “What can I do to move on smoothly from this situation?” or “What is in my hands to do to avoid disappointment in love next time?” are good examples.
  2. Also, questions about yourself and what you’ve learnt can come in really handy. “What have I learnt from this?” is more useful than it appears at first sight.

By following these tips and tricks and keeping an open mind and a bit of an objective perspective, you can make your next reading be a game-changer! I’ll be glad to work with you to make your next reading awesome!  ~Sibyl

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