DIY Message From Your Guides

For a message from your guides, please close your eyes and relax for a moment. When you open them, pick a picture you are drawn to. Then go to the corresponding number for your message. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!   ~Dan K    I am available for Live Chat and Video Tarot Readings at My Tarot Advisor!

1. Right now is a great time to seek solitude/alone time. The stress of life has been getting to you, and is getting overwhelming lately. Your guides are saying you really need to take some down time, and to release the tension. Take some time for daily meditation, and reading a good book or a nice walk in nature. Realize that life doesn’t always have to be go, go, go. As you get through this, work on setting up a routine for regular alone time to destress and let go, so it all doesn’t get piled up again.

2. It looks like your energy for excitement, and indulgence is heightened. This is more of a primal instinct, and is best to be tamed. To get true enjoyment, work to control your instincts here, so they don’t control you and become destructive in nature. Take this energy, and redirect it into creative pursuits. Creating things that will be lasting will bring much more fulfillment, than pursuits of constant short term happiness.

3. Your guides are saying you have been struggling. A lot. It seems you are in a rut and struggling to see a way out of it. While it looks like some rough things have definitely happened, it also looks like overthinking and focusing on the struggles are keeping you trapped here. Remember, the past does not equal the future. No matter how bad things have been in the past, the future is new, and things don’t have to go the same. Try to get out into nature, take a walk. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Smell the freshness of nature, take in the sounds of the birds, the wind blowing through the leaves. Let go of the stress and the past, and breathe in the new.

4. Your guides are saying that it is time to take some rest. You’ve been working hard toward your goals, and are exhausted. You have a strong work ethic, and have just kept plugging forward. Take some time to relax, and recoup your energy. Let your guides and the universe take over for a bit. Trust that things will be okay and take this time for yourself. When you are rested, you can then get back to it, with renewed passion and insight. When you do come back to it, try to find a balance between working toward your goals, and getting the rest you need. That way, this won’t repeat itself.

5. Your guides are saying you are a natural leader, and have been working toward a leadership role. Embrace it, and realize that you are good enough for this. Others come to you, because they rightfully feel you can be trusted, and they are right. This does come with responsibilities, but they are nothing you can’t handle. Take the reigns and run with it, and keep building your skills. Through your dedication, hard work and integrity, you will go far.

6. Your guides want you to know that you are loved. You are love. The struggles you are going through, do not define you. Past mistakes don’t define you. It is quite okay to forgive yourself and move forward. Beating yourself up and overthinking it all serves no purpose other than to keep you stuck. It is time to forgive and move on. Give your worries and fears to your guides and angels and step forward in faith. Faith that you will make better decisions for yourself, and will have better outcomes. Learn to love yourself for who you are, not struggle with yourself for what you have done.

7. It looks like you are beginning to figure out your life’s purpose. In a world that is busy pursuing happiness in small bursts, your life purpose brings lasting happiness through fulfillment. The road is bumpy, but being on the right path, you will know if you stray off the path. Living within the path of your purpose, will take you out of your comfort zone, and into areas you never imagined yourself. Do what it is that brings fulfillment, and you can never go wrong. Enjoy the journey, and I hope it takes you wonderful places.

8. It looks like you are getting more in tune with your higher self. As this happens, you will have more and more ‘aha’ moments. Experiencing your truth, and aligning yourself with your guides and angels. When you get these spontaneous moments/ideas, go with it. Listen and follow the guidance given. This will help you get closer and closer, and have more of these moments. This is an amazing time for you, go with it!

9. Your guides are saying that a lot is changing around you, and it all seems to be spinning out of control. It seems like you are struggling to even control your own emotions and decisions. Realize that the only thing you can control in life, is you. It is in how you respond to situations that is going to make the difference here. Beware getting swept up in your emotions, and reacting emotionally to a situation. Instead, take a few deep breaths, and some time to relax, before responding to a situation with a more level head. Also beware those that would manipulate you through attempting to induce an emotional reaction. They truly don’t have your best interests in mind.

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