Free Will Verses Fate

Free will, predestined fate, self fulfilling prophecies… what will the future hold?

There are a few different views on this touchy topic, and many religions also have their own take on what is and isn’t fate. My own personal view, which is what this particular blog is based upon, was reached after many meditations, conversations with my guides, and from conversations with fellow lightworkers and readers. ​With the complicated and ever changing views on the purpose of life, and what (if anything) is part of a pre-destined unalterable fate, as opposed to free-will or a self fulfilling prophecy. We can find ourselves very lost when we want to know what lies ahead for us in the future, especially when we are going through a rough time. The comfort of knowing we will come out of a difficult time is often what spurs us forwards. Fate pulling us out of these situations is often what we rely upon.

Relationships, careers, family, big life events, death, etc. these are all things people like to believe are “fate”, or things that will happen no matter what. However, our lives are more set out like a complex and very strange choose your own adventure novel, that when illustrated to me looks more like a complex braid of life paths from birth until the end. There is a somewhat predetermined path that we can follow, which would be the original intent of the story, but there are also an infinite number of ways to get from the first chapter, to the final one. In the end, the only thing that is certain is that the choices we make will determine where we end up next in our life story.

When it comes to outlooks on the future, it is imperative to remember that while the probability of what you are being given in a reading is the most likely outcome, it is solely based upon things going according to the plan already in motion by you. If, for example, you are in a course in university going for a diploma or degree, and you are looking for evidence that your hard work will pay off, and then you are told that you will graduate with honours, that doesn’t mean you can stop trying so hard. It is instead supposed to be seen as a motivation for you to persevere and make sure you follow up on things you don’t understand, as the potential is there for you to graduate with honours. If you slip up and graduate without honours, was the reading still “right”? Of course this can happen, but you will know where you could have done better, and so the “spiritual explanation” for the purpose of why you sought that reading in the first place, would be that it was to help you maintain your drive and self confidence in your ability to achieve something worthwhile. If you don’t follow up on things you don’t understand and lose your higher grade, the reading was still accurate. Your lack of perseverance was a personal choice. In the end the honours is only a sense of pride for you and not a necessary piece of your future.

The other side to this catch 22 in the world of readings, are self fulfilling prophecies. Any ethical reader worth their salt, will never give you a reading along the lines of, “you are going to be hit by a truck”… or “you are going to have a heart attack.” These fall under the “self fulfilling prophecy” category (and the heart attack one is a medical issue which is also illegal in most places). If you have a reading that says, “you are going to be hit by a truck”, and you see a truck barrelling towards you, you won’t bother moving out of the way. If they had said instead, that you will want to be careful with your safety while walking around vehicles, when you see a truck that looks like it isn’t going to avoid you, you are going to hustle out of the way, hopefully. If you are told you will have a heart attack, you will quite easily work yourself up to the point of having a heart attack out of fear of it being true. Alternatively, you could give up on life and do everything possible to speed up the heart attack so it stops hanging over your head like a dark cloud.

While these things can turn up in readings it is so very important that they are addressed in a way that empowers, and gives a chance for you to decide what to do rather than telling you how it is going to be. If you are in danger from a vehicle accident, you should be reminded to be on top of your safety, drive defensively, and remain cautious around moving vehicles. This is enough to trigger your higher self to minimize the danger or avoid it altogether. With the heart attack example, being reminded to take care of yourself to the best of your ability and to make sure you are not allowing your stress levels to become overbearing. Some heart attacks are not preventable, but recognizing it and seeking treatment immediately would give someone a better chance.

Empowering someone to keep an eye on their health, and not to dismiss obvious signs of poor health without seeing a doctor, is an acceptable and preferred way to address medical things coming up in a reading. This gives their higher selves a chance to push them to see a doctor beforehand OR immediately after. Neither a card reader nor energy healer can give a medical diagnosis legally, and so it is up to them to instead encourage proper health and follow up only from medical professionals. It’s not up to a reader to tell you what will be. It is up to them to tell you how it can be, or how it looks to be. Can the truck and heart attack still be inevitable even with warnings? Absolutely, however, if it is an unavoidable fate, a warning in any way will not change the outcome, but may trigger them to get their affairs in order instead of procrastinating on it. I have seen many instances of warnings giving way to things being avoided that seemed unavoidable. Sometimes the warning itself is fate’s way of reminding us to be more open spirituality and open to influences from the “other” or higher realms.

Are there some things that are predestined and unalterable?? That is a question none of us can truly answer for certain. I believe that each individual action has a ripple effect on everyone around them. Some small, some big. In the end, the only thing that is 100% certain, is that we do have control over what we choose to do going forwards, and while some of it is following our life that we planned before coming here, our ability to adapt that plan is the very essence of life itself, and a necessary part of sharing life with others who also have free will.

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