It’s The New Moon – July 2019

Like with everything that’s new: job, car, year, moon and relationship, we all become determined to make it better than ever before and not make the same mistakes. We see it as a fresh start and one that we hope will be made better by the wisdom we have gained from those experiences before, and that’s what I feel we sometimes need to remind ourselves of.

On Tuesday, July 2, a lot of ocean and a few tiny bits of land will lie under a moon-blackened sun. A total solar eclipse will take place that day … the first total eclipse of the sun since the Great American Total Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017. On that day, the long, thin finger of the moon’s dark umbral shadow will again draw its tip across Earth’s surface. But unlike the total solar eclipse in 2017, which offered a multitude of possibilities for land-based viewing, the 2019 eclipse will be confined almost exclusively to the South Pacific Ocean. 

It’s time to let go of those patterns we’ve repeated time and time again, it’s time to realize that the more we keep doing the same thing then the more we are going to keep getting the same outcomes.

If we allow people to get away with cheating and lying, then they will continue to do it. If we constantly say yes to talking on more responsibility, then more responsibilities will be offered to us.  The more we keep thinking about how badly a situation/life is, then the more negative it becomes. 

Sometimes just one small thing can make the world of difference. We all have a wide range of things that we wish we could do better, or we wish was better overall in our lives. So here’s a few pointers. 

  • Put a nominal amount of money aside each week/month and forget all about it – in six/twelve months’ time, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve saved.
  • The next time a partner lies/cheats, walks away. Yes it’s tough when live is involved, but the sooner you stop the pattern/cycle, then the sooner you will allow yourself to meet someone who is genuinely right for you.
  • If you’re after a new job, then try and find at least one job a week that you apply for, even if it’s not quite what you were looking for, the more opportunities you create then the more options you end up with.

As you can see, one simple change can make the world of difference. So, why not for this new moon try and thing of one thing you would like to change and then think of something that you can do to change it. 

Love and Light and let me know if you need to talk about the new moon and the changes you can make to your life and world, for the better!

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