It’s The New Moon!

The Moon has not only captivated mankind since recorded history but also has a tremendous affect on our bodies (think of the Moon operating in a 28 day cycle as Women’s menstrual cycles do) but also influences the tides, the growth cycles of plants and our emotions as humans. And as humans, our emotional output is one of the strongest sources of energy we have.   Whether we do it consciously or not,  we ARE attuned to the cycles of the Moon.  It is built into us.  And when we purposely attune ourselves and our intentions to her cycles we can greatly turn things in our favour!
Think of it as swimming with the current as opposed to swimming against it. It is so so much easier to swim with the current…..
The energy of the New Moon brings to us an energy of increase and growth.  As the Moon starts it’s New phase and as it gradually increases towards the Full Moon the Moon’s energy and influence on US increases.  This naturally happens.  You don’t have to think about it.  Just ride the current in your efforts and go with it instead of against it!
The energy of the New Moon when we align ourselves with it makes it the perfect time to bring about changes in our lives when we want to manifest something new.  Maybe a new relationship?  When the Moon is New it is a great time to put yourself out there in search of that new partner.  A great time to get yourself on a new dating site.  A really good time to join new groups to increase your exposure to new people. The energy of the New Moon will lend it’s energy of growth and increase to your desire.
Looking for a new job?  The energy of the New Moon is just what you are looking for to add it’s influence to new starts, increase and growth as you either prepare your resume or if it is already prepared start sending them everywhere.  Contact prospective places.  The natural energies of growth and increase are on your side! Take advantage!
Maybe you are planning on starting a business.. What better time than the New Moon to start things off?  Give your new venture that added natural kick of growth and increase when you open your doors be it virtually if it is an on line business or physically if it is a brick and mortar business.
So basically in a nutshell you can work with the energies of the Moon to your advantage in a few ways. And here are their natural advantages.
New Moon – Perfect for starting things or implanting ideas requiring growth and increase.  I like to use the analogy of the person doing Healing work for a person that has cancer.  Since the New Moon promotes increase and growth,  you would want to put the focus on the person’s health growing and their vitality increasing.  Not the focus on the cancer. You don’t want to give the cancer any additional power to grow and increase.  But the person’s health you do.
Full Moon – Plan your activities during the time of the Full Moon for when you want something to manifest by the Next Full Moon.   The Full Moon is the time for manifestation as opposed to the growth of the New Moon.  Keep it realistic!
The Waning Moon – Has am influence of a decrease in energy.  After the Moon leaves it’s Full stage,  the Moon’s influence begins a decline.  To use the cancer analogy again, if you were working to heal somebody with cancer this would be the time to put your focus on the tumor and decrease it’s energy and power.
The Waning Moon is also a good time to end relationships that no longer serve, to end situations that need ending.
You don’t need elaborate Rituals to work with the energies of the Moon.  Just time your activities and goals along with her  natural energies and you will be putting so much more on your side! Ride the wave!
If you would like a New Moon Reading For February and find out more please get in touch with me – we can do a video reading or a mini photo!  Blessings  ~Jodi

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