Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

Make-Every-Day-Earth-DayGrowing up, I was told in school to recycle and teachers even made us participate in recycling programs. However, I never understood why. Why should I go out of my way to find a recycling bin rather than just throwing my plastic bottle in the garbage? I decided to research this at my spare block in high-school, not like I had anything better to do.  So what I found out was when I throw away my plastic bottle in the garbage and when the garbage goes to landfill sites, greenhouse gasses are released. When we recycle (putting plastic with other plastics) we reduce raw materials and places like the rain-forest can be preserved. What is greenhouse gas? Well, you know how Leonardo DiCaprio talks about global warming whenever he gets the chance, that’s what it is! Greenhouse gas is responsible for global warming. When greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere, it creates a kind of heat and it gets trapped into our atmosphere, you can’t see it, but it’s there. This causes global warming.

You might be asking, why preserve rain-forests? Well, when we don’t recycle, plants and animals are also demolished. We have come so far from living purely and it’s important. Cities, buildings, and cars are great but earth is our real home where we should keep it to it’s standards. Some activities you can help the earth and give yourself some good karma are the following:

  • Recycling (helps reduce waste in landfills)
  • Composting (natural fertilizer)
  • Walk or bike instead of using your car
  • Using a reusable bottle instead of a plastic one (You won’t be tempted to throw away your plastic water bottle)
  • Shopping online (When you buy online, less energy is used and less carbon dioxide.)
  • Donate to food kitchens (You won’t be throwing good food away)
  • Grounding or Earthing (Might not benefit the earth as much it will benefit us but it might motivate you to keep litter off our grass. Grounding or earthing is when you walk bare feet on the earth, it helps reduce anxiety, improves blood pressure and reduces chronic pain etc. Research on this!)

Make everyday Earth day, we shouldn’t have a day for it anyway. Why have one day out of the year to treat our amazing home? Living clean benefits not only us but our planet. I hope this article motivates you to help our living standards on earth and go the extra mile to place your plastic water bottle in the recycling bin.

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