Are You Lonely or just Alone?

There is great importance in understanding the difference between aloneness and loneliness. When connecting to the feeling of aloneness it is presence, fullness, the joy of being and an overflow of love. When we connect to the feeling of loneliness, it is a feeling that something is missing, a pain, a depression, or an absence of something.

When we want to detach ourselves from feelings of abandonment or solitude, to completely detach from it, we have to create an openness and willingness to connect with ourselves.  Until we turn within and start to acknowledge the importance of the partnership we have with ourselves, we will continue to struggle to feel awareness of these these suppressed feelings of loneliness as they play out in our subconscious – eventually manifesting cycles or patterns of dissatisfaction in our lives, as we start to project our unhealed wounds onto others.

We often find that the battle in our relationships, be it friends, romantic or with family, is based in the fact that everybody needs freedom to fly. So for example in a romantic relationship, when two lonely people come together, they naturally don’t feel this solitude much because that other person is there. Therefore these people are remaining stagnant in that lonely place but deceive not only themselves but each other with the illusion that the emptiness they feel is being filled.

Relationships break down all the time due to not asking the other person what it is we want. There are so many reasons why we do not ask this,  because we often do not ever taken the time to find out exactly what it is we want – this is the moment where we abandon ourselves and allow external circumstances to magnify these feelings. Understand that the ‘loneliness’ or ’emotional abandonment’ when we are not connecting with that other person, always routes back to ourselves.

The truth is, love is not a quest to battle these solitary feelings. Love is the transformation process that help the other person connect with themselves.  When freedom exists, sharing is possible.

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