Meet Jessica Today’s Featured Advisor

Today we Feature one of our Newer Tarot Advisors, Jessica

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Hi! I’m Jessica. I was raised as catholic as well around spiritual and paranormal. So I understand religion, faith and believes. I have studied on behaviors, energies, auras, zodiacs, colors, and physiology. As I am a light worker. I do readings to help bring not only bring in faith. But bring in motivation. That anything can change for the best but you must follow my guidelines in order to receive that. I am a reader who doesn’t ask for a lot of information from the client and am able to provide accurate information with what my clients want to know in their life. I do read angel tarot and psychic tarot. With that being said, I do angel readings and oracle; not the actual tarot card readings. As I was born with a natural gift of being self taught. I started readings with friends and family who didn’t even believe in spirituality. But it made me confident in who I am. I have done radio shows and been a guest to many. I don’t offer medical or legal advice. I may help you with health, well-being, and as well your life


I am certified in many categories in spirituality. As I have taken classes and am certified in Angel Tarot, Realm Reader, Assertiveness Coach, Fairyologist, and Crystal Reader. In my services I will allow my spirit guide to pick out a deck if your seeking card readings. I been doing cards since 2011. But I have also read without cards as I have a natural gift. I have taught myself how to read the angel cards and oracle cards. I can assist you if you’re having a nightmare. I can see what your angels want you to go forward with to allow for healing. I will be offering a part of my readings how to work with crystals. Just note I do tell you the truth no fairy-tales!


My gifts started to develop as I was turning 11 years old as I was able to predict events for people with relationship related issues. As I grew older I self-taught myself and did research as my spirit guide told me to do. Unfortunately my family and friends do not agree to me living the spiritual life and path I have chosen, but that’s something in their own belief system which I can’t change but go forward knowing what I am doing is helping others on their pathway. Which is why I do this work – to help others sold their problems and so they do not make the same mistakes over again. I also help to remove patterns in their own karma belief system.

Watch her intro video here


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