Meet Mia This Weeks Featured Advisor

miaMia has been with My Tarot Advisor for a few weeks now and she is quickly becoming a favorite reader! She is a fifth generation psychic who found her gift when she was seven years old and started to use her abilities to help others. She tells us “I have been guiding people for five years professionally. I had my mother and grandmother teach me how to use my gifts to provide insight and readings for others. I live in Jacksonville Florida. I am from a big family as I have two other sisters and one brother. I have had a lot of dogs! I love pets and I always have since I was little…. I always felt a connection with animals.”

When you order a reading from Mia you will get a very detailed reading.  “I will be nonjudgmental and very  truthful . No question is to big or to small for me to handle . I’m straight to the point  and I can advise you in all matters of life. You will not be disappointed !” Mia is a fifth generation licensed psychic advisor. What she enjoys about her abilities is that she gets to guide people in situations that they feel stuck in.  She specializes in all matters of love and also helps with business health and finances!

4348708850_f9551b4a5a“Very Fast at Replying!  Very Detailed and accurate reading!! She is Awesome. Definitely would recommend!”

4348708850_f9551b4a5a“WOW!! Mia gave details on things nobody knows! Sh has put me at ease with these stressors in life. Thank you Mia. Definitely will be contacting you again!”

4348708850_f9551b4a5a“She is excellent! Thank you so much!!”



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