Natural Disaster Predictions for 2018

In the early part of the year there seems to be localized flooding that will be affecting the UK, this could be even extending into affecting parts of Europe as well.  Thankfully, no loss of life seems to be being indicated here, just structural damage.  Strong winds seem to also be carried over from 2017 in to 2018 at the start of the year in the UK and Europe.
As we have seen this year with the amount of storms encountered, especially in the US, this does seem to be a trend that will be continuing in the middle to latter part of 2018, this has the potential to cause structural damage and perhaps even loss of life.  There almost seems to be a sense of people just recovering, before they are hit again by other storms and other delights from our weather system.
For some unknown reason, I am being shown a large forest fire to be taking place in 2018 as well, potentially on Australia, and whilst human life does not feel to be affected by this, wildlife of course may be the number one victim here.
June and September are standing out as red flag months when it comes to potential terror attacks, and whilst perhaps not a “natural disaster”  it is something that my guides feel is important for me to pass out.  In terms of the types of attacks, I feel there will be another attack with the use of vehicles in crowded places, this feels to be affecting Europe for now.
Mexico is coming through a destination for something to happen in 2018 as well, I am picking up perhaps in the month of May, there is going to be something that occurs in term of a natural disaster that will receive worldwide coverage.  This may also include large numbers of either loss of life or missing persons.  My guides cannot be too specific in terms of what may happen, but intuitively I am inclined towards either an earthquake or a sinkhole, jsut something is telling me that this could be a red flag destination next year.
Many Blessings – stay safe friends

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