October 2016 Tarotscopes: What’s Happening This Month?

October is a month where the veil is thin and our access to the deep, rich energy around us is amplified! Its an honor to provide you with your Tarotscopes for the month of October.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tarotscopes it is a combination of tarot and astrology-a card pulled for each of the zodiac signs. The card for your sign will provide you with an overview of the energy for the month ahead. If you happen to know your Sun, Moon and rising sign read the scopes for each of those signs as well as it will help to create a more complete picture for your month.

The deck that I am using for the month of October is the Dreams of Gaia Tarot which is by Ravynne Phelan and is a stunning (and so incredibly accurate its scary!) deck.


Aries: Nine of Water – The nine of water represents our being encouraged to embrace an open and vulnerable heart and allow love and compassion to transform our wounds allowing us to be whole again. Our experiences in our past all leave their thumbprint upon our lives. This is why when we hear a certain song we are instantly taken back to a memory associated with that song. Its why we can feel the tears swell in our eyes when a memory is triggered by something in our environment. We are all carrying around energy, whether good or bad from our past. This is not something to resist-this is not about turning away from that which pains us but rather to allow ourselves the deep richness of healing that comes when we dig into the wound, learn from the pain and begin to break a cycle.

Taurus: Ten of Air – This month the mask comes off and we are encouraged to step into our fullest expression. What does your core look like? What does your authenticity taste like? This month you feel a sense of liberation as you begin to remove the conditioning which tells you that you must change who you are to fit in. That you must don a particular façade in order to make someone else happy or to be accepted. You are absolutely, divinely perfect in your imperfect way and there is a sense of you coming home to this belief in October. This month you see yourself fully, perhaps even for the first time. You know that you may have things you could improve upon but you are no longer held to the bondage created when we live our lives by someone else’s rule book.

Gemini: Nine of Air – This month you are growing more and more aware of your inner potential. You are beginning to see how your thoughts perhaps have been allowed to take you down a path you do not want to be on. You are becoming more and more aware of your core beliefs and if they are limiting or truly pave the way for possibility. You are willing, now more than ever, to shed those core beliefs that leave you feeling separate from your world. You are no longer accepting that you are stuck in anything at anytime. You begin to feel, from deep down in your core, that you were brought here to create. That you were brought here to live a life that is rich with potential and limitless in nature.

Cancer: Ace of Water – This is a card of new potential in your life. It may very well manifest in your love life with a new relationship or a much needed breath of fresh air in an existing one. It could symbolize new beginnings in your career with an offer that seems almost too good to be true. This month its all about taking a leap of faith and having the self trust to know you can land safely. Allow passion and what lights you up to take the wheel and drive you during this month. Say yes even if its something typically you would say no to (with in safe limits, of course!). Stop acting as though you need to play the role of the detached “I’m too cool to care”, cat and instead feel your feelings, all of your feelings deeply. Allow them to teach you where to go next.

Leo: Queen of Earth – You are large and in charge this month, Leo. The Queen of Earth is a very supportive and nurturing card. You may find yourself embodying a motherly role in many of your relationships as others will be drawn to you. You have the ability to make others feel safe. You can handle a full time job, come home to a clean house, cook a delicious and healthy meal and have an environment that is completely relaxing, inviting and makes all who enter your energy field feel instantly at home and at peace. Additionally, you are meant to understand that you are loved and supported. That you have the earth beneath your feet providing you with stability even when you feel a lack of stability in your life. Connect with those who leave you feeling supported this month and know that we are all part of the same experience. Unity consciousness reminds us that we are stronger when we realize we are together.

Virgo: Faith – Faith is beautiful. Faith gives us wings. Faith reminds us to have confidence in ourselves and our capability. Faith reminds us that we must have self trust for when we have a life rooted in self doubt we make mistakes over and over again, seldom learning anything. Faith is the power to take us places we never dreamed because it empowers us to know we are limitless. Faith instills within us a peace that is absolutely unshakeable and gives us the ability to create lives dripping with joy, bounty and love. Faith is knowing that the only things which limit us are those things we allow to. That miraculous shifts occur when we stand tall, rooted in the unyielding faith that we came here to do great things.

Libra: King of Water – What does it mean to understand an emotion but not become entrapped by that emotion? What does it mean to be an observer of our emotions but not a participant? This month you embody the delicate balance in paring rational thinking and emotional logic. You are a safe harbor in the emotional storm of others and possess the ability to help others see through and above their emotions in order to make decisions which lend stability to their foundation. You possess these qualities for the self as well and feel entirely capable of allowing your feelings to show you the way without becoming so enslaved by them that your logic is left feeling that its out in the cold. You possess the perfect alchemic blend to create peace and stability in your life.

Scorpio: Healing – We are all wounded. We all have been hurt, betrayed or in some way mistreated. Some of these wounds others inflicted upon us; others we inflicted upon ourselves. Each scar, each scratch or gaping hole left from a trauma we encountered is a messenger. It carries with it a lesson for us to learn that aids our evolution. We fail to harvest these lessons and evolve when we resist healing or turn away from and try to hide from our pain. When we lean into that which needs healing we can hear its whisper. We can connect with its meaning. It is what ultimately allows us to heal and also allows us to be of service to others going through what we are going through. As we heal and evolve we are in a place that someone who is where you once were would love to be-if only they had someone to help to show them the way. When we deny ourselves the right to heal we deny others the right to heal. Thusly when we create the spaciousness for our own healing we set an example for and give permission for others to courageously work on their own healing journey.

Sagittarius: The Maiden – Those who live wild, rich and full lives were not all necessarily born into that life. For many they had to bravely confront fears, eschew others expectations and set a path all their own. They had to be willing to commit acts of self discovery and stand on their own two feet. They had to give room to their passions to grow and lead the way. They had to be willing to stand fear in the face and say “not today, friend” and walk on by. You too possess the ability to stand in the Maidens energy. You possess the ability to no longer do as you are told and begin to define life for yourself.

Capricorn: The Crone – There is a certain level of power that comes when we reach a point in our journey where we no longer feel the need to abide by another’s rule book. When we feel so rooted in what we want, what we know of ourselves and what our strengths and weaknesses are that we can fearlessly make decisions and walk a path that is so us its silly it took us so long to find it. But its not silly, not really, anyways. We all walk a path that is unique to us. We all learn things in our time and in our own way. While some may come out of the womb feeling rooted to their self-esteem a lot of us had to spend a great deal of time working on ours. No matter how long it takes us, no matter what our path looks like in relation to another’s path we stand unbowed and unapologetic. We wave our unique flag and show the world what we are made of.

Aquarius: Five of Earth – Taking the easy route can sometimes seem an all too alluring option. We may not want to put in the work or confront what needs confronting and so skirting certain steps seems like a completely acceptable path forward. The truth is nothing worth having comes easily and anything that appears to come too easily this month should be closely examined. We must foster awareness of that inner con man that may tell us to resort to unsavory or even deceitful tactics to get what we want. His sweet voice may try to encourage you to buy into your own lies and deceptions. He unfortunately only caters to your shadow-drawing forth your weaknesses and enabling your addictions. We are encouraged to dig deep and face inner demons. Push through the work we would rather avoid and trust that hard work will pay dividends to anything we rush or cheat our way through.

Pisces: Abundance – What is abundance? Do you know what it looks like to you? If you don’t then how do you know when you are in the presence of true abundance? This month the energy of abundance is knocking at the door and has gifts aplenty to bless our lives with. Accepting abundance, however is far more difficult than attracting it. Many of us live according to scripts which suggests that abundance is wrong. That we are not spiritual or evolved if we desire abundance. We become fearful with what we have and so be hold it so tight that we end up sucking the life right from it. Accepting abundance requires we evaluate our relationship to abundance. That we tear away at any narrative which suggests we should not want abundance. We must be willing to have absolute faith and conviction in ourselves. We must trust. We must trust in an ever giving, limitless universe and see those qualities within ourselves. We must embrace what we have and hold it with the most grateful of hearts because ultimately abundance is not something which can be taken or given but rather is bred from total fulfillment, contentment and appreciation.
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