October 3 – 9th Weekly Tarot Energy Reading

Hello everyone – we are now into October and it is definitely a month of change ahead! The seasons are changing fast, its a time of harvest and gathering, appreciation and gratitude as we enter into Thanksgiving for our Canadian friends, and just an overall pending energy of “Change”.

This week Michelle provides us with the Weekly Tarot Energy. Listen in as she explains what is in this week’s energy ahead.

michelleMichelle is available every day at My Tarot Advisor She looks forward to reading for you soon!  Michelle works with Druid Craft Tarot, Fairy Cards, Tea-Leaf Reading, Runes and Psychometry (reading of objects) to give intuitive readings to heal and inspire the Seeker.  Michelle is a  Certified Reiki Master, Seichim Reiki Master,  Intuitive Counselor and Psychic Medium, and works with white light energy healing,  the harnessing of Universal Chi energy. She offers one-on-one Reiki healing and Intuitive counseling, and is developing classes for group meditation and psychic development.

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