One Sided Relationships

We all want…. This perfect relationship but the partner doesn’t want the same as I do and I could offer so much more but at the same time they do not show much interest in me. But I would like to go out to dinner. But I have a child and priorities. That must be done before stepping out for the night.

The thing with a one sided relationship you often deal with males or females possible married or engage to someone else. Either you know it or not! Most one sided relationships, the partners always get the blame for their own actions. Which isn’t always fair to you or the other person it can be abusive at times feeling guilty, lack of faith within yourself as the person who you truthfully love doesn’t love you back. I always tell clients if this ever happens to them.

  1. Write about – Likes and dislikes of the partner so you have a idea what you can stand and what you can not. Also it gives you time to prepare for the worst if the relationship ends at least you know you was not in the wrong.
  2. Observe the situation – As watch their actions and responses towards what you do and see if they pick up what you offer on the table. Listen to your intuition though out the day.

All it takes two easy steps to know if your in a relationship that is considered one sided this goes for man and woman. I have offered readings as the person wants the other person but the other isn’t considering their offer that is a one sided relationship as you want it but the other doesn’t take on it. Be open with joy if your considering a partnership with another. Also be honest within yourself as you do have the power to get whatever you want in life. It’s all the matter of your state of believes and what you carry on to generation as each family has history of this even secrets in family’s which creates trust issues. Where no one trusts themselves and or family. Only strangers!

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