Psychic Love: Becoming Connected to Your Partner Telepathically

How to understand the telepathic connection between twin flames.

Can I feel my partners emotions? Understanding the spirituality of twin flame partners.  When twin souls come together their energy starts to flow in a synchronization that is only known, to those who are experiencing such a moment in there lives. When you start to feel your partners emotions you may feel and think, that it could be a bit delusional that it isn’t possible. This could really confuse someone especially if they are not used to having such a bond and a magnitude of spiritual awareness all at once. It could change your views on everything especially love. If you suddenly feel sad moody excited anxious worried, and feeling like you are not yourself, you have tapped into your partners emotional vibrational energy. When love is projecting on a deep level and the vibration of the twin flame partners is strong, the chances are very likely that you will be connected to your partner in ways you couldn’t comprehend. A telepathic connection, can only occur for twin flames and in some instances spiritual and karmic partners, depending on how evolved the connection has become, to understand this connection we first must understand the gift of telepathic energy, and a spiritual connection.

Telepathy is the gift of feeling what it is your partner and those around you is feeling thinking and can in some instances,  cause communication to happen through shared thoughts, this gift is rare and many sometimes do not know that what they’re thinking – its a translation of their partners own thoughts. When one has a rush of thoughts about their partner that is unfamiliar and there is a sense of longing and yearning, and a feeling of restless., this would be there partners thoughts and not their own. And understanding this connection could help balance the relationship greatly especially if partners, are becoming confused by their telepathic connection through love.

Feeling your partner near you when they are not.

1: Feeling their romantic energy: a lot of times in my readings I will be told, that one can feel the presence of there partner near them. It is this exact moment when you know you are connected to your partner telepathically. Some experience this when a partner is missing and longing for there twin flame, especially when a break up has occurred, contact isn’t being had enough and the romantic emotions shared between two partners is in a high state of energy.

2: Seeing the one you love in dreams: the most common aspect of a telepathic romantic connection, is by having vivid and constant dreams of the one who you are in love with. This can happen when your partner is thinking of you and is missing you, their energy can transfer into a physical image which can resonate through dreams. These are all indications that you have a connection that is both universally connected and spiritually gifted.

Seeing signs that remind you of your partner, why is this happening?

Whether it is a specific song or a number that holds meaning, to a specific date or age hearing there name constantly. Seeing symbols that give you flashbacks to your time together. This can only happen when you are feeling doubtful about your partner, it is the universe giving you confirmation to not let them go. That there is more that is meant to be happening than you know as of right now. When you feel like you can not escape the existence of your partner or the knowledge of them. This can be tough especially if you are trying your best to be moving on but these signs all point to a greater journey that is meant to happen for you both together. And when you start to feel overwhelmed by the universe giving you signals of your loved one. it is time to take a deep breath and let the one you love know what it is you exactly feel. Because the relationship is meant to happen and the only way for success together to take place, is for you to not run from the love anymore but to find your strength and accept it into your life. no matter how tough it may be.

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