Psychic or Spiritual, You Choose

Today, let me share with you all a little more of my background. I am an Army Veteran and served as a Chaplain Assistant in the military. I first noticed my intuitive gifts when I was a little girl through dreams. While growing up I really didn’t talk to my mom about them because I was frightened of judgement. I came up in a Roman Catholic background growing up in Hawaii. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to open up to my mother about my gifts, and fortunately she was extremely receptive.

As I got older I began to open up to more gifts. Besides having prophetic dreams, I began experiencing visions, or seeing pictures or a person’s face, or situation take place right before me, without actually being there. I also became more aware of my intuitive voice. I would hear messages about people, or guidance that I needed to take. I would also feel things in my body that may relate to what a person was experiencing physically, spiritually, or mentally. I would also smell things that a person could relate to, which would remind them of someone that had past on. I became more attune to other peoples energy and vibration.

As and adult, I was fortunate enough to attend two different Christian churches that taught on the gifts of the spirit. All the things that I have just spoken of are all gifts from God. I used these gifts as a Chaplain Assistant in the military. I was not publicly open about how I was able to relate and help people in their situations. What I would say, since it was known that I was Christian, is that I would let the Holy Spirit lead me. Which I did. Other faiths may call this your intuition, higher self, or the universe.

With being a Chaplain Assistant, I was also fortunate to work with spiritual leaders of various religious faith groups, as well as the service members and their families. It was extremely rewarding. It helped me open up to the truth that these gifts are universal, and are not given to only a certain religious sect. I experienced people of all cultures using these gifts, whether some of them were conscious of it or not. Unfortunately, in most organized religions that there is only one true faith, and only that faith is blessed by God. I have come to know that this is not a truth. How have I come to know this? Through experience. Like a previously noted, I have seen and experienced people of all faiths blessed by God and using these gifts.

So are spiritual gifts and psychic gifts different? No they are not. They are the same. It is the intent that is different. I have experienced religious leaders use their gifts as a form of manipulation to get what they want out of their congregations and members. The same goes for psychics. There are psychics who use there gifts for dark reasons and for personal gratification.

On the flip side there are those that use their gifts to uplift, help and heal humanity as a whole. This is the purpose of these gifts. They are to bring humanity together, because at the end of the day we all have some type of gift. Whether we want to call it spiritual or psychic is a personal choice.


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