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sarah-croppedSarah has made it back to us!  She was off for a few months however she is back! Sarah, one of our popular Tarot Readers at My Tarot Advisor. Sarah has been readings for over 12 years.  “I was only nine years old when I actually found out that I have gifted abilities. I have been told that I am blessed and that I have to save many lives throughout the world. I am also a certified life coach. But I am also a normal person like everybody else. When I get some free time, I like to complete my hobbies that makes me happy when I am being normal! I love to shop, I have a wonderful life. And a proud mother of three kids. I spend most of my time with my family to enjoy every moment of it. My husband is so proud of me and my family because I have been blessing many others through the good and bad.” Sara joined My Tarot Advisor about a month ago and already is quite popular with our clients.

“When I was a child, my ability when I first didn’t know how to use it scared me. Because I was seeing spirits, feeling peoples energy. And also hearing and feeling people thoughts. Then, One day I woke up and I knew what to do it was an instant right away.  I learned to control it and I learned to use it very wisely. I am very grateful that God has blessed me with this gift to help bless a lot of other people in this world. I have helped people through health, Family, career, and also much much more. ”

Sarah specializes in Love and Relationships, and Past-Present-Future situations. She is available to give as much advice and help that she can.  Sarah is available to do different types of Tarot Spreads along with provide time frames.

Speak with Sarah today as she is an excellent Tarot reader, who provides compassion and honesty with her insights. Download the My Tarot Advisor App today and get a free follow up question!

Watch Sarah’s introduction video here!

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  1. Hi my Channrath kay I was born on December 28 and I know to know about love and relationship and money .. the man I’m with I love him so much in past three years and half all he do is hurt me .. we have son together his name Damien Crawford born on December 27 2014 and his father name Richelieu Crawford was on may 8 1989

    1. Hi Channrath– Please download our app and you can speak with any one of our Tarot Readers as they can help you with your questions! Download our app free today for iOs. Thanks for using My Tarot Advisor!

  2. Hi am Julio Blasa I request for reading and I pay it I cannot Hear you at all ur saying maybe my phone my phone is worki ng and it’s a smart phone
    Seen u in the video ur talking but no sound am paying for
    Nothing .its better email to me the answer to my question.Thank you

    1. Hi Julio
      Thank you for letting us know you are having an issue with the audio play back.
      To get the sound, make sure your iPhone isn’t on silent. The switch on the left-hand side needs to be set to “on” (upward) in order to hear the sound in the videos.

      This article can also help you locate the “mute” options on your idevice to make sure nothing is on silent or muted when trying to listen to your videos

      Let us know if this helps and if you have any other issues please contact us right away.
      If you still can not hear the audio let us know and we can send you the video directly
      If you have any other questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.

      Kindest Regards,
      MyTarotAdvisor Support

  3. She is a wonderful person and straight to the point,even telling things you never asked for and giving you a very good and wonderful advice.I give she a Million star. thanks for your gift it’s helpme a lot,Appreciated

  4. Sarah is brilliant, I always find comfort in her readings, she has actually answered a question that I did not ask for but I was thinking about it. If you want to hear the truth and honest guidance, Sarah Emily is the person to go too.

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