Venus and Mercury – Oh MY!

On November 16th, there were two planetary shifts that caused quite an affect on our personal relationships, Venus went direct and Mercury went retrograde, teaching us huge amounts about ourselves. This powerful shift awakened a spark within us, to a deep love that resides within all of us and as this spark was ignited, it allowed us to push through all that no longer served our lives, including any of the old wounds we were carrying, including holding onto the people that reflect them back to us or remind us of our old wounds. We are strong enough now to let go of old ways, no longer repeating the old conditioning that we used as unloving thoughts patterns of ourselves. This is great teacher for us to indulge in this time now coming to the end of the year, to own our personal power and surround ourselves with relationships that only bring us feelings of joy, growth and abundance. So we can waltz into the new year with a new mind set, with fresh energy and with stronger connections with those around us. So we can truly look deep at our relationships and reflect on those that are around us and ask ourselves are they truly serving us for our highest good? Do we truly want this energy around us in the new year?

These shifts teach us that we no longer need to suppress or reject love for ourselves at any point in time and when we give in to love, we need not to push away ourselves either. When we are in relationships, this is including friendships as well, we must we remember to find the balance of give and take.

We are being broken free from all that is not in alignment with who we are, so rather than gripping tight with the things that we think are right for us, because we think they are, lets try and trust that the universe fully supports us on our journey, breathe through any temporary pain, because pain really is always temporary, and trust that the universe has our support. By gripping tightly, trying to control the outcome of what we think we deserve, this will leave us with a closed outcome to manifest many wonderful opportunities, especially as we come into the new year!

A great way to let go is by doing the things that empower you, bring you joy, ground you and make you feel good. What does that mean to YOU?  Contact me inapp for a video reading about how you can feel good about letting go and empowering yourself!  ~Dara

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