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I am a Capricorn Sun and my Moon is in Aquarius, born in Caracas Venezuela, I was always surrounded by the native "brujeria" and it comes as no surprise that when I was 6 years old I had spiritual experiences that took me down the path of curiosity about anything related to occultism, mysticism, and philosophy. My journey has been intuitively guided by my spirit guides for the purpose of service to humanity. In my spiritual path, I take good care of my daily practices to keep me connected to spirit so that I can better help those who seek guidance in their journeys. I am exercising the ancestral medicine and wisdom that runs in my family from the Amazonian Native Arawak Lineage and, I am also a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, for this reason, you will find that I will share mindfulness techniques with you in my coaching/advisor sessions.


I offer you a combination of Oracle, Tarot, and Numerology to help you uncover any limiting beliefs and energies that are keeping you from living your best life. I offer you clarity, guidance, wisdom, and advice based on what comes up on the cards. Please note that I am providing you with a coaching session and the clients who will be satisfied the most with my services are those who come in with an open heart, mind, and soul, ready to receive the medicine from my spirit guides, I want to underscore the word "medicine" sometimes this medicine may not land well with our ego-mind, however, we must be open to it. I will always deliver spirit's medicine with love and compassion to you, I just ask you to stay open and transparent about your experience and seek any clarification that you may need at the time of the reading before making any assumptions. Like any spiritual coaching or counselling session, I do require you to provide a background of your situation so that I may be able to better understand your situation and provide you with the best advice. I am here to empower you so that you may imprint your energy into the universe instead of the other way around. There is a balance in this universe between destiny and self-imposed challenges, I am here to help you with the latter. I am here to support you and be of service to you.


I have been reading energies since I was 14 years old and decided to deepen my gifts in order to read for others about 4 years ago with Akashic Records, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Cartomancy. I am currently working on obtaining a Reiki Master Certification and I am already pondering on adding Astrology to my bag of tools; as you can already tell I am a student of life and I am constant

Rating & Review

  • carol Date: 13.04.2021

    Always honest and bright light to moving forward. thank you

  • Love Date: 26.02.2021

    Kathleen is amazing!!! She picked up on things that was happening in my life without me stating them. Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds

  • carol Date: 25.02.2021

    Really understand what i was asking of the situation. helped me to find ways to move forward in a way i havent thought of before.

  • sophie Date: 17.02.2021


  • Luz Divina Rodriguez Larcier Date: 13.02.2021


  • carol Date: 09.02.2021

    Wonderful reading to a positive outcome to grow properly!

  • carol Date: 09.02.2021

    Kathleen was spot on about the particular situation in question and even about my present thoughts as well!! thank you!

  • AAA Date: 21.01.2021

    Thank you so much for the clarity and insight ❤️❤️

  • mlara1994 Date: 18.12.2020

    Great reading and you were very engaged and it help understand what I was stuck on

  • Melissa Brink Date: 11.12.2020

    she was lovely and explained the cards very clearly thank you so much I really enjoyed my reading

  • sethmork Date: 11.12.2020

    Very good reading. I recommend her. Thank you