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“She saw that I would meet my soulmate in the summer and this guy is definitely my soulmate. Thank you Psychic Vision for such an accurate reading!!”
Carol M – Pasadena, CA

“I didn’t believe it when I got the job!!! My advisor said there was going to be a delay so I assumed I didn’t get it, but got the call yesterday!! Thank you!!”
Marisa S. – New York, NY

Which Psychic Advisor Should I Choose?
Choosing the right Reader is a very personal decision. To obtain the best results, it is always recommended to choose someone you feel most drawn to. We also suggest that you fully read the advisor’s profile, watch their video introduction and review their feedback. This will ensure you choose a Reader who is best suited to help you.

How Do I Contact a Psychic?
Contacting an advisor is easy! Simply review the Readers available, choose who you would like to do your reading for you, make your request and click “send”. You can even submit a short video with your question for a more personal reading.

How do I ask a question and can I ask more than one question in a text message?
Currently for text based questions, we only offer to answer one question. However if you have a multipart question, we suggest you either explain the situation and ask the most relevant question OR purchase additional credits to ask more questions. Alternatively, you can enter into a Live Chat session with one of our advisors where you can ask more questions as it supports a time based format.

When Will I Receive My Response?
Our Readers are dedicated to providing you with fast and accurate answers. When our advisors are available they will be logged into the app to receive your requests. At most, responses may take up to 24hrs hours to receive, but are typically delivered much faster.

Can I Review My Past Readings?
Yes you can! Psychic Vision stores your questions asked and your video and message responses. Simply choose the “Message Center” envelope icon to view your past Readings.