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I'm a passionate lightworker. The spiritual path appeared for me early on in life. My goal is to assist people with finding light and guidance through their life challenges and to help them, especially on an emotional level. Although I was always spiritually oriented, my big spiritual awakening happened in 2013, where my perception of the world completely changed, and my psychic abilities deepened. I am claircognizant (''clear-knowing'') which means I'm able to intuitively know answers to questions, as well as receive and discern psychic information. I'm an Empath, which helps me to connect to others' emotions and sense which direction to take, or which thought patterns or emotions to heal. I'm a channeler, which means I'm able to connect to Divine knowledge and provide more in-depth information about a certain issue. I also have a variety of card decks that I'm in tune with and that give accurate information and/or precisions. I tell the truth in a compassionate way. I like to challenge one's mindset (when needed) and get them unstuck, by presenting them new ways of seeing things and doing things. People that I've read have said that I've brought enormous clarity, peace, and healing to them.


Psychic Reading - Energy Healing - Life Coaching


7 years as a psychic, energy healer, and life coach - 12 years studying spiritual matters

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  • Travis Bailey Date: 10.08.2021

    Thanks you

  • Twiggy II Date: 10.08.2021

    Accurate. We’re taking it slow for now due to we got too much works to do at this point. No matter if he’s gonna be my future Partner or not, I am really happy to have met him.

  • Autumn Date: 04.08.2021

    Thank you!🙏🏼✨

  • Sandy Date: 29.07.2021

    A great and intuitive reading Thanks🙏

  • poisonivy91 Date: 18.07.2021

    Thank you I do feel like this resonates with me a lot I will take a step back focus on loving me and I still have hope so thank you

  • ari Date: 14.07.2021

    I love this reading it was very in depth very nice and sweet I’d definitely say I got my money’s worth I like this reading thank you so much ❤️.

  • Audi Date: 03.07.2021

    Thank you. Great reading

  • tlanders Date: 21.06.2021

    Very informative and enlightening 😊

  • ScorpioDove Date: 15.06.2021

    Funny but I could feel the positive energy through this chat! Quick answers too :)

  • sandi Date: 05.06.2021

    Thank you

  • Linnette Date: 03.06.2021

    Thanks Ariel this was an awesome reading!!! I will keep you posted on the outcome🤗

  • clove2792 Date: 02.06.2021

    Wow! what a great and amazing reader.. the cards resonated a lot and your phychic abilities are on point.. I really appreciate the thoroughness and detailed information. definitely over delivered. CHOOSE him. if you are reading you won't regret it he is awesome (:

  • precious Date: 21.05.2021

    Thank you !

  • petty Date: 05.05.2021

    Wow ur literally the best I really like the way u take your time to read and not rush thru like other thank you so much 🙏🏾

  • JAKookey123 Date: 13.04.2021


  • JAKookey123 Date: 31.03.2021

    He is an amazing reader! Extremely accurate, totally on point and predictions are right on track. Thank you❣️

  • J25 Date: 25.03.2021

    So great ! Thank you

  • jessica Date: 20.03.2021

    Great reading! Thank you 🙏

  • Lori Date: 15.03.2021

    Wow!! SUPERB reader for sure. Try him. Ty❣️

  • ashank634 Date: 02.03.2021

    Amazing as usual! I wasn’t able to ask a free question for some reason the app didn’t let me, however I would like to know if Antoine cheated on me? Thanks again xx