Tarot Reader


 I’m a Tarot card reader, Energy healer, Career guide, Fate and destiny and spiritual healer.


I’m a born psychic and I started work with others when I’m only 15 years old and I love to do work with other problems and make their life's reliable and happy I’m ready to solve now your all type of issues like relationship love life and marriage life and future reading and I’m sure you must be satisfied with me services thanks.


Rating & Review

  • Rahul Ghimire Date: 12.05.2021

    what a sweet reader. loved her reading and would recommend to everyone else. You wont be disappointed

  • JAKookey123 Date: 11.05.2021

    Mania is so very good and intuitively correct each time. What a kind, caring, supportive reader as well!!

  • Kgraft08 Date: 09.05.2021

    This read was amazing she tuned in very well and put my mind at ease. I can’t wait for her predictions To pass I will update when they do.

  • Aminadav Date: 04.05.2021

    Najia is wonderfully gifted and a good soul, her readings are phenomenal! I come to her time and time again.

  • Brie Date: 01.05.2021

    unfortunately wasnt accurate said my “best match” is my ex lol we’ve both moved on and there’s absolutely no love there

  • Nicole Date: 26.04.2021

    sorry u told me bad stuff I don't like that I don't want to attract negative stuff . my boyfriend wouldn't cheat on me

  • Hector Rodríguez Pantoja Date: 25.04.2021

    Thanks the time get short

  • princess Hurt Date: 24.04.2021


  • JAKookey123 Date: 19.04.2021

    Sooo amazingly great & accurate!! All predictions come to pass and time frames are very, very close. Ty❣️

  • JAKookey123 Date: 18.04.2021

    Wow! Has been completely accurate since day one. So blessed to have found her❣️

  • Aminadav Date: 17.04.2021

    Najia is wonderfully skillful, attentive, thorough in her explainations of what Spirit and the Universe has to say concerning your situations. I highly recommend her gift 🎁.

  • denise Neal Date: 06.04.2021

    Very sweet and accurate. Thank you!

  • rania Date: 04.04.2021


  • JAKookey123 Date: 30.03.2021

    Amazingly accurate! Very quick and very kind❣️

  • Nicole Date: 29.03.2021

    please tell me how often he will initiate communication with me and what are his long term intentions towards me thanks

  • Allison Date: 26.03.2021

    Thank you for a wonderful reading

  • mama79 Date: 22.03.2021

    You are amazing. Thank You so much for my reading.

  • daliyah36 Date: 17.03.2021

    Great reading!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Lori Date: 12.03.2021

    Ty ♥️

  • Nicole Date: 10.03.2021

    thank you lady Najia x