Tarot Oracle Readings


Tarot has brought me through some of the most challenging times of my life.  It is because of this that I have studied and read Tarot for 25+years.  I am always updating my Tarot Skills by taking courses and attending Tarot Workshops offered by some of the leading Tarot experts in the field.  I am a natural-born Clairvoyant with Clairaudient gifts.  I have refined my clairvoyant gifts under the mentorship of the professional clairvoyant reader, Debra Katz who is also the owner of the International School of Clairvoyance.   I am an ordained and Metaphysical Minister.  I was ordained through the University of Metaphysics founded by the late Dr. Paul Masters.  I am also a Spiritual Life Coach and Spiritual Guidance Advisor.  I've read at numerous Psychic Fairs throughout the United States and have worked as an independent reader at Metaphysical stores in Dallas, Texas, and Maine.  My skills also include Reiki and IET working with Energy and Angels.  I also guide people through Shadow Integration Healing.  


Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
Pendulum reading to answer Yes/No questions
Chakra Readings
Guided Meditations 
General Readings or I can answer specific questions related to an important topic

My Areas of Expertise:  Love and Relationships, Twinflames and SoulMates, Divorce and Separation, Revolving door relationships, Cheating Hearts,  Life Purpose. Spiritual Wellness,  Struggles and Obstacles, Career goals, and Job search.  


My studies are ongoing as I continue to grow in this work in order to provide the best services I can to assist many on their spiritual journey.  I am passionate about what I do.  It gives me great pleasure to provide you with an excellent reading to answer any questions that you may have so that you can rest easier and feel more empowered after a reading with me.  

Rating & Review

  • petty Date: 06.05.2021

    I really appreciate ur reading, it helped me mentally and physically thx u so much 😘

  • Istillbelieve Date: 05.05.2021

    She was right. he did cut me off. he doesn't love me and I deserve better. thanks for not giving me false hope like everybody else.

  • Ronda77 Date: 05.05.2021

    Very insightful! Thank you so much

  • Janna Date: 03.05.2021

    Thank you so much for the details and advice Teri. Always a pleasure!

  • Jenniferh621 Date: 30.04.2021

    Thank you for always being honest and caring.

  • Pinkbus178 Date: 27.04.2021

    Yes you’re absolutely right. I have my mother spirit around me and a great aunt that I never met. But it is a Male spirit that’s around me that haven’t revealed himself yet usually they come to me in my dreams and then I know exactly who it is

  • Janna Date: 26.04.2021

    Thank you Teri! I appreciate your time and honesty as always!

  • Pinkbus178 Date: 25.04.2021

    Thank you for your advice looking forward to speaking to you again

  • Janna Date: 24.04.2021

    Thank you for being so honest and for the advice. Very on point as well!

  • poisonivy91 Date: 24.04.2021

    this reading has really touch me beside what I was asking about I can't wait to spoke to you again

  • Ned Date: 22.04.2021

    Thank you for the guidance Teri 💜

  • chat Date: 20.04.2021

    She was honestly very accurate on what she picked up

  • jessellab77 Date: 14.04.2021

    Oh my gosh. I knew my intuition was on point. Thank you very much for the clarity miss. Have a blessed day 🙏💗

  • mase49 Date: 14.04.2021

    That was perfect, everything resonated perfectly! Thank you

  • Janna Date: 13.04.2021

    Thank you so much for the advice. I will keep in mind not to rush things because I have too much energy to do things right now. So, will take my time to read and review all documents carefully. Excellent advice, thank you!

  • Janna Date: 13.04.2021

    oh goodness, this was one very thorough reading! Thank you so much for the advice and all the possitive vibes and honesty. I really appreciated the details you gave me. Thank you so much!

  • Lxngxsh Date: 11.04.2021

    Thank You for Being Honest Teri I wasn’t expecting such a terrible news but I felt it all happened for a reason thank you for the clarification

  • kalaM83 Date: 11.04.2021

    It wasn’t the answer that I was hoping to get but it was definitely the answer that I needed to hear to confirm what I was already feeling. Thank you so much for your insight and I will be speaking to you again! 💕

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 06.04.2021

    Thank you so much Teri for the advice and good insights it help me to guide and just follow what I feel for him. Cheers in next reading

  • DARLA DRAVES Date: 28.03.2021

    thank you Terri .I was told by another that he still loves me deeply ..and will text me end of April...that he has intention of getting together but first he needs to learn how to pursue me properly....Also that he realizes he confused me and sort of lied too me .about with love texts and that he is sorry for that...Also ..I sensed another female around him and you made no mention of her...So was. it a guy who took the picture?...or another woman?.....Why has he not come back to his home..us he done restoring and. ..giving up he mentioned moving back to the UK....I am so sorry I said what I did..I ruined it I know.I still love him...it really hurts ...will do another reading soon.God bless.