3rd Generation Psychic


I am a 3rd generation I have been giving reading all around the world, I connect with love relationship future money past life and current life. I do connect with animal kingdoms as well and I do connect with the spirit guides if you do need any messages from anyone that's passed away. .


I use my third eye.  I use my chakras. I provide insight when you give me names and dates of birth. My readings are very deep so please be ready for every answer that you will be getting..


More than 5 years

Rating & Review

  • Kristinak09 Date: 14.05.2021

    Amazing reading. I will be back again!

  • April Date: 11.05.2021

    Thank you 😊💓

  • JAKookey123 Date: 11.05.2021

    Love her!!

  • Bria Date: 09.05.2021

    Thank you and blessed be

  • juju90 Date: 08.05.2021

    Hey hun thank u for being so kind with me and. Honestly I’m very happy with my reading dear have a wonderful day

  • kaitlynbarnes01 Date: 06.05.2021

    CHILLS, this was beyond amazing!

  • gwen73110 Date: 06.05.2021

    You are always such a delight to hear from

  • Johana Date: 30.04.2021

    Thank you Mel for clarity always a pleasure

  • jessellab77 Date: 28.04.2021

    Thank you for the reading. Gave me clarity. :) Although, I do believe that the video cut off there at the end haha

  • ivan Date: 28.04.2021

    Great reading

  • Randi Date: 27.04.2021

    Thank you for always being accurate and patient with all my questions

  • Johana Date: 27.04.2021

    thank you always mel your one of my favorites and one of kind,bless you

  • Khmerian Date: 26.04.2021

    You are sugarcoating.A connection to me is someone I bond with ,male or female.A connection doesn't mean if she like me or not.You talking all that nonsense and never answering my question.

  • carol Date: 26.04.2021

    Always a pleasure with honesty and kindness. Positive, uplifting guidance. Thank You!

  • Randi Date: 24.04.2021

    Thank you for always being patient always accurate and always there to put my mind at ease

  • Pangna Date: 23.04.2021

    Thank you for the positivity!

  • AAA Date: 21.04.2021

    Thank you so much!! 💕💕

  • sexygirl49 Date: 21.04.2021

    She has such a lovely calming effect and spirit about her...I enjoy her readings very much.....I definitely and highly reccomend her....

  • JAKookey123 Date: 21.04.2021

    Mel has nailed it from day one! Very grateful to have her support. Ty❣️

  • Johana Date: 18.04.2021

    thank you mel..blessing as usual