3rd Generation Psychic


I am a 3rd generation I have been giving reading all around the world, I connect with love relationship future money past life and current life. I do connect with animal kingdoms as well and I do connect with the spirit guides if you do need any messages from anyone that's passed away. .


I use my third eye.  I use my chakras. I provide insight when you give me names and dates of birth. My readings are very deep so please be ready for every answer that you will be getting..


More than 5 years

Rating & Review

  • Jan Date: 14.09.2021

    Always a great reading

  • Bria Date: 06.08.2021

    I think you are beautiful but you did not pick up on the abuse.

  • Audi Date: 03.08.2021

    Thank you for another great reading.

  • vanessarosa5 Date: 03.08.2021

    Thanks Mel ! 🥰 you are the best

  • Sandy Date: 29.07.2021

    Thanks Mel that was much needed

  • Jones Date: 28.07.2021

    Thank you

  • Sandy Date: 26.07.2021

    thanks you gave me a lot of clarity

  • Randi Date: 18.07.2021

    Thank you accurate predictions always

  • J25 Date: 08.07.2021

    So great thank you !!

  • heather Date: 05.07.2021

    Awesome reading….!!!! Definitely looking forward to wats gonna happen this month😁😁😁😍 thank you for your advice and reading

  • Bria Date: 30.06.2021

    No he has been lying to me about everything! You basically just repeated yourself from my first message to you .

  • Lxngxsh Date: 27.06.2021

    Mel is just awesome her readings are genuine and she said the almost same thing since my first reading with her and it actually makes a lot of sense😊

  • Shill76 Date: 26.06.2021

    amazing reading hit home

  • meme23 Date: 26.06.2021

    Thank you!! Great reading!!

  • ScorpioDove Date: 25.06.2021

    Had a lovely reading. Fingers crossed predictions come true :)

  • vanessarosa5 Date: 23.06.2021

    Thanks Mel that was super lovely . I like talking to you ❤️

  • Audi Date: 18.06.2021

    Thank you! You were great.

  • Meiriana Date: 17.06.2021

    Cheers, Mel. Though you're very reassuring about the outcome of our situation, tbh my gut feelings feels really off towards him from the 1st time I know him until now. I believe he's got this mental illness called Narcissist behaviour & I've researched that this mental illness has no cure. So sad but that person will never chance. I am not in any way want to gambling my future and my future children's in the hand of narcissist. I've fed up with all of his repeating behaviour & smart enough to leave his ass alone. His behaviour is not tolerable and I'm gonna let the universe send him the taste of his karma..

  • cyn95 Date: 15.06.2021

    I’m sorry Mel I hate to give u a two star review because u were really nice and reassuring but my poi and I barley had contact last week and this week too, u said we would be talking more and we haven’t.

  • DARLA DRAVES Date: 13.06.2021

    ok.thank you.Well guess I will wait awhile longer...but if June ends and I see no contact I will move on...I?am 67 now...cannot wait an opportunity could pass me by. .Just being honest ...He needs to talk to me. ..soon Love and light