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Hello my name is Lauren I'm an intuitive empath a clairesenent and a healer I pick up on energies I am working on my clairvoyancy every day. I've had this gift passed on from 2 generations, I've had this ability ever since I was a little girl. 
I would have people tell me I'm beyond my years as I would just know what to say and how people were feeling I just had this sense of knowing things.  Whenever i went in life people would be drawn to me to open up to me about things they were experiencing.  I got told that I had a gift and I should become a counsellor but I had children at a young age and they become my life. 

There were certain aspects of myself that I shut off, when I was a little girl I would see spirits this never scared me but certain things happened within my life that made these experiences go away.  It was only when I got older and I went through some tough times that I started meditating and I had an awakening,  I started learning the tarot and numerology and since then it's been my passion.  I'm looking into studying counselling courses also to better my abilities. All I ask is when my clients come to me for a reading they come with an open heart so can allow me to connect to their spirit guides to give them the most accurate answers. 💜 💫 A picture or a video of yourself would help me to connect 💫

My passion in life is to help people feel 'unstuck' I am an extremely empathic individual this helps me understand the feelings of others in depth giving them heart-felt messages of guidance. I have 3 decks original deck, angel deck and my oracles that I will use to help my clients. I have always had a sense of just knowing what to say to people and seeing what is coming up for them within love or family these would be my main services but I can look into whatever my clients are feeling stressed or uneased about. I cant always see timeframes they can be very off as everyone has free-will I see and feel energies but remember that people can change mind about certain day/time they want to make contact etc. I cant always deliver you the news you want I understand this can be upsetting when you get told something you don't want to happen but I will not lie to you or give you false hope if I see something coming up that I know is upsetting for you I will deliver this to you in a compassionate way. I understand how hard it is but remember that I am here to help you and I have to deliver to you what your spirit guides are presenting to me. 🙏 All I ask is when my clients come to me for a reading they come with an open heart so can allow me to connect to their spirit guides to give them the most accurate answers. 💜 💫 A picture or a video of yourself would help me to connect 💫

Rating & Review

  • beckyw90 Date: 12.05.2021

    Lauren is amazing she is my too girl! She explains all the cards in detail and she’s very gifted! Thank you for your truth and positivity! Very on point

  • shy Date: 10.05.2021

    I love her so much she is so real and on point she is everything I love her!

  • sfarmer24 Date: 28.04.2021

    I love you Lauren but this time I feel you haven’t connected to my situation it’s like you have but didn’t really answer my question my reading felt off this time and usually your on point so it felt a bit rushed but your still good just feel my reading could’ve been better and gave you 4 stars because I wanna see how my situation will work out

  • poisonivy91 Date: 27.04.2021

    wow you pick me up to well you are amazing I will be contacting you real soon

  • abeegee Date: 26.04.2021

    Lauren always gives her whole heart in her readings and gives a lot of detailed information x

  • Silje Date: 22.04.2021


  • teasie Date: 20.04.2021

    Thank you

  • Linnetti Briscoe Date: 19.04.2021

    you are so awesome!! You picked up on the situation yes there is a bit of all three with the toxicity you saw. You are spot on with all you mentioned. Thank you so much I will get more readings from you

  • Alexia Lewis Date: 12.04.2021

    Oh my Lauren is accurate about my relationship she is the only one I would accept my readings from.

  • shy Date: 07.04.2021

    So Exact!

  • abeegee Date: 07.04.2021

    Thank you so much My readings are always make me feel better and guide me !

  • teasie Date: 04.04.2021

    Thank you so much . Made me feel better cleared things up 🤗

  • sfarmer24 Date: 03.04.2021

    Thank you so much Lauren thank you for being very detailed when so little information is given and I appreciate you for showing the cards and break each card down to how that person is feeling and what they going through due to the situation and please be online more often thanks again Lauren and p.s your video was just fine ❤️🥰🥰🥰

  • daliyah36 Date: 31.03.2021


  • mayab Date: 30.03.2021

    GREAT AWESOME!!! i will be back

  • teasie Date: 29.03.2021

    Great reading gave me direction and you make me feel peace 💕💕💕 .

  • sfarmer24 Date: 27.03.2021

    I was a little nervous but that was a beautiful reading lauren like truly 🌹you mentioned things that I haven't and also you mentioned what another psychic has told me thank you so much Lauren. and I appreciate you for not giving time frames because most do and it doesn't come to pass but the minute anything happens I will let you know your truly gifted 🥰🥰🥰❤

  • chickaboom7 Date: 27.03.2021

    Detailed, super sweet and really dives deep to see the outcome for you positive or negative. I feel she loves what she does so it makes her an excellent person to come to with questions you need answered bc of her compassion! 10 stars !!

  • abeegee Date: 25.03.2021


  • shannie nikki Date: 25.03.2021

    Lauren is very spot on super sweet I’d give her 10 stars. !!!