Jack English


5th Generation Psychic


Mr. Jack. Psychic love guide and master reader. Psychic reader and love guide. I will read, advice and answer your questions on love and relationship.

  • Do you want to know how someone feels about you?
  • Are you constantly thinking about someone?
  • Are you in a hot and cold relationship?
  • Are you tired of reaching out and not getting anything back in return?
  • Are you going through a breakup and don’t know what to do?

If you have any of these problems or others do not hesitate to contact me.


If you are going to have a reading with me please supply your first name and date of birth and name and date of birth of anyone you are inquiring about and a brief description of your situation. I do not answer questions on cheating partners, Health or medical, legal situation or pregnancy.  If you have more than one partner please pick one that you want to know about, 
I cannot read on multiple partners in the same reading. 


I have 35 years of experience in solving the problems and mysteries of love and relationship. I am a clairvoyant CRYSTAL and energy reader. I am non-judge mental and I will tell you what I see and feel to help you through your situation.

I look forward to hearing from you

Rating & Review

  • kissy face Date: 17.09.2021

    I took your advice and hoping for the best !!

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 30.08.2021

    What a wonderful reader I’m glad he is teaching me so many new things I’m happy I met him Everyone should get a reading from him

  • kissy face Date: 29.08.2021

    Straightforward and wonderful

  • Prenita Date: 27.08.2021


  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 23.08.2021


  • kissy face Date: 19.08.2021

    Straight forward , honest, direct , funny and on point about the reading!!! ❤️❤️❤️him

  • madeleine Date: 19.08.2021

    Always so helpful and accurate:)

  • Twiggy II Date: 15.08.2021

    Thanks! I thought it might be something that you can’t talk about, but I would stay beside him no matter what happens!

  • kissy face Date: 14.08.2021

    I feel the reading is accurate I’m just waiting for the outcome that was stated

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 11.08.2021

    Amazing reading so many things have changed lately jake is an amazing reader

  • Twiggy II Date: 09.08.2021

    Thanks for the reading! We talked this Saturday, and we reached agreement. We’ll keep dating (defining this as a relationship), and would decide what to do with each other after we both pass the big exams after the coming school year.

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 08.08.2021

    Love jack but I don’t know why he said something like I feel excited about doing your reading now now that I ask 2 questions that was kind of rude because why should feel otherwise I felt like he was being stern in the beginning it didn’t feel welcoming it felt like oh he’s back again but overall great reader

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 03.08.2021

    Thank you so much for direct approach Yes you were right and it’s not healthy on me Cheers

  • Jes Date: 01.08.2021

    I absolutely love his reading! Straight forward asf and his humour and style really keeps me calm and yet excited as well! Defiantly will stick with him!

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 01.08.2021

    Love jack and I love how honest and blunt he is but sometimes he forgets some of the things he tells me and he sometimes makes me feel like I’m crazy when I’m definitely not I’m a overthinkiner for sure and I’m working on that but sometimes he can misunderstand where I’m coming from but overall an amazing reader and you will always walk out his readings with knowledge and strength

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 01.08.2021

    Love jack highly recommended however sometimes he can misread what I’m trying to explain to him and he sometimes makes analysis sometimes that is not completely accurate but still an amazing reader

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 31.07.2021

    Never disappoints

  • Tyreek Dixon Date: 29.07.2021

    Icon legend jack is one of the best readers on here he is the truth definitely won’t be a waste of money getting a reading from him live his honestly and humor.

  • Christina M Date: 28.07.2021

    Jack is awesome. He’s honest and tells it how it is. Also made me laugh a few times which i totally appreciated. Thank you and will definitely get another reading soon <3

  • melsuz20 Date: 26.07.2021

    Jack is very honest but also compassionate. He offers great advice and I feel so much better after my reading. Thank you!