Positive Tarot Experience

About Me:

Hello, and welcome! I’m Jonette, and I’m committed to giving you a positive tarot experience. I combine intuitive wisdom, spiritual guidance, and psychology to send clarity, strength, and peace of mind your way. With me, you have a safe space to process your thoughts and feelings with loving kindness and gentle guidance through the tarot. 

My Services:

My trusty tools are both the Tarot as well as oracle decks for guidance, blended with my own training and experience as a relationship and life coach. 

CAVEAT: I do not provide forecasts of the winning lottery numbers, or other forms of gambling. I also do not provide readings on health, pregnancy, financial advice, court matters, difficulties involving drugs or alcohol, or even death. I also do not provide readings for something you’ve asked me within the last seven calendar days. 

Rather, I focus on what lessons and message the Universe would want you to take away from your experience to grow and live a fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life. 


I have been reading Tarot for close to 15 years and counting. I have for many clients over the years, both in person and online, and have been so lucky to be able to help people searching for clarity, encouragement, and wisdom. I am also a practicing relationship coach for close to a year and a half, and am currently studying to hone my skills as a life coach.  

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