Antara Tarocchi


Psychic Intuitive

Hello and Welcome! I'm Antara Tarocchi, Psychic Intuitive and Tarot Advisor. As a Natural Born Psychic, you could say I always had "the gift". When I was a young child I was visited by a spirit being, these visitations continued through my teens and into my adulthood and until the current day, aiding me in strengthening my connection to the "spirit world" and helping me to fine tune my psychic gifts and abilities. Using my Natural Born Gift of Clairsentience in fusion with my deep knowledge of the esoteric symbolism imbued onto the Tarot I provide insightful, Clear, and Genuine readings for whatever questions your life may summon. 


In a reading with me, there's nearly no territory off limits, whether you want to delve into new love, infidelity matters, or look into your coming career path, I cater my readings to suit your needs. As a 6 planet Scorpio diving to the depths and seeing into the core of any topic is my strong suit, whether its hidden possibilities just around the corner or secretive motives in others. I seek to use this gift of deep insight to aid you in getting the information that you need to make the best choices for you. My Readings are 100% Confidential, and my Virtual Reading Room is a safe space, there is no question too big or too small. My readings are open to all, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and Poly/Non-monogamous people are welcomed and encouraged. 

Check out these Questions to get some ideas... 
~Love and Relationship, Soulmate Readings, When will I meet my next boyfriend/girlfriend, What Energy Blocks are Blocking my Love Life. etc.
~Infedelity and Separation Matters, Is he cheating on me? Did my husband have an affair? Should I Leave my Partner? Etc. 
~Career Path Readings, Will I get the Job? Which is my best Investment? Will I get the promotion? What does my boss think about me? Etc. 
~Financial Readings, Will I get the money I need to buy a new property? What can I expect in the coming six months for my Finances? Etc.

I have a Lifetime of experience as a Natural Born psychic. My gifts are passed down directly to me from Spirit and my connection to the Spiritual Realm has remained since birth. My abilities were encouraged when first noticed at just 4 years old when I made contact with my Grandmother right after her passing.  Over the years, I was visited by spirit and celestial beings strengthening my psychic gifts. Aside from my gifts as a Natural Born Psychic. I have an academic background in the study of the Tarot and the knowledge represented in the mystical symbol encoded within the Tarot cards. Fusing these two backgrounds of mind and intuition allows me to provide insightful and impactful readings. 

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