Astrology and Clairvoyance

Psychic Energy, Astrology and Clairvoyance

About Reuben

All through my 20+ years of illustrious corporate career in product management, digital dexterity, L&D and customer service at leading MNCs across the world, I have been simultaneously practising my skills on Astro-Occult sciences. Academically, I hold five Postgraduate (masters) degrees in Business Management, Industrial Engineering, English Literature, Digital Technologies and Econometrics from renowned institutes like Coventry, MIT Sloan, IIM-B and FAU across UK, US, India and Germany; and have professional certifications on relationship management, human psychology and adult counselling. I have also got formal certifications on Psychorientology (Jose Silva method), Numerology, Tarot and Western Astrology at various `centres-of-excellence’ during my international corporate assignments. Having travelled more than 45 countries and cross-cultural exposure to four continents - Asia, Europe, Australia-New Zealand and US, I passionately believe that I have this uncanny knack of empathizing with people, solving their personal problems and building bridges with diverse cultures. A fluent English and a smattering of German, besides Hindi and Punjabi (India) and Māori (New Zealand), enable me comfortably to interact with people from all accents and nationalities. My mission of life is to make people comprehend the problems they may face, tackling their challenges tactfully with advance plans, knowing the pros-and-cons strategically, and eventually facilitating their happy, healthy and spiritual lives. Money is only a by-product and secondary outcome, the happiness and satisfaction of the people and society at large is my life's objective, going forward.

My Services
Psychic energy and Intuitive Tarot readings. Runes and Oracle. Western and Vedic Astrology. I use four kinds of Tarot decks, Viking and Germanic Futhark Runes as also Lunar Oracle. I believe, I have the abilities of clairvoyance since the times I started my spiritual journey, more than a decade and a half back, in 2005 to be precise. I strictly avoid reading on pregnancy, conception, legal matters, health complications and gambling/stock markets, leaving those for experts in respective domains to advice.

My Experience
Alongside my corporate career earlier for 21 years and the entrepreneurial journey for the last 2+ years now, with two digital start-ups of my own in learning and digital transformation space, I have been simultaneously practising my skills on Vedic & Western Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Psychic Energy and Intuitive Tarot Readings. In the last around 14 years, I have got a rich experiential learning by analysing 3000+ horoscopes and 6000+ Psychic and Tarot readings, as an amateur, and have been appreciated for accuracy and near-perfection. Being on PsychicTxt/Psychic vision as the only platforms where I practise online, is a privilege and honour indeed.

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