Love and Relationship specialist

About Vivian:

Hello my name is Vivian,  I’m a natural-born psychic I communicate with spirits I communicate spiritual guides, my guides connect to your guides and from there what I do is I get translated messages from the spirit and the universe to deliver to you. I am very kind I’m very compassionate and I’m non-judgemental. I got introduced to the spiritual life at an early age of eight I believe at the age of 12 I was doing readings. My grandfather that owns a shop in New Orleans help guide me through my journey and help me understand my gift.

My Services:

Master Tarot Readings 
Angel card readings

Love and relationship specialist


Job and career life path readings, I use not only my Taro cards but I also use heavy Crystal and candle to connect with spiritual guides and translate energy in messages from spirit and the universe.

My Experience: 

I have been a spiritual life coach holistic healer for over 10 years. I began using my gifts at a very young age, through my life I have help people from all around the world. I am able to pick up on aura and temperature around your vibration to pick up energy.

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