About Me:

Hello, I'm Deena, and for the past decade, I've immersed myself in the world of tarot. My journey began as a means to navigate personal trauma and comprehend the energies that shape our lives. Alongside practicing yogic philosophy, I utilize tarot as a transformative tool, tapping into chakras to unblock energies obstructing personal growth. As a lifelong clairvoyant and empath, I draw on these innate gifts to guide and facilitate healing.

My explorations into spirituality are woven with a mythical essence, influencing the diverse topics I write about, adding a unique perspective to my spiritual insights.

My Services:
I offer tarot readings specializing in love and spiritual guidance, leveraging the cards to illuminate paths and provide clarity. Beyond these realms, I am open to exploring various facets where tarot's wisdom can offer profound insights into your life's journey. Additionally, I facilitate journeys into past lives using the past life oracle deck, offering glimpses into previous incarnations for deeper understanding and growth.

With a decade-long immersion in tarot, I've honed my skills, not only for personal growth but also in guiding others seeking clarity and direction. My expertise extends beyond tarot, encompassing a diverse range of energy work practices. This extensive knowledge base enriches my readings and spiritual guidance, providing a comprehensive approach to healing and understanding.

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