Specific Tarot Sessions


I am a qualified occult science practitioner for past 13 years . I use various forms of predictive science to give people a well formed reading and remedies. Along with Tarot reading i am also well versed in Vedic astrology ,Palmistry,and Numerology.  From my early days I connect well with the people and their problems and give them the best possible and feasible remedy as a solution.


I offer general readings along with specific tarot sessions about love ,marriage, soul mate issues ,financial readings ,career growth etc. I give my clients clear, specific and feasible remedies to deal with the situation along with a clear and detailed reading about them. My other services includes Vedic astrology ,palmistry and Numerology sessions


Practicing from the past 13 years I use various forms for readings like Tarot, Palmistry ,Vedic astrology and numerology . I have a vast knowledge about remedies including color therapy, gems and crystal healings.

Rating & Review

  • Audi Date: 10.09.2021

    Thank you. I’m sorry I had to leave but I run out of funds. It was a great reading

  • Audi Date: 27.07.2021

    Thank you

  • Lxngxsh Date: 24.07.2021

    She is great and positive overall a great reading experience

  • Randi Date: 18.07.2021

    Thank you accurate out come

  • mmorales Date: 05.07.2021

    great reading! answered my questions and was fourth coming.

  • paullyn2576 Date: 04.07.2021

    She is excellent and very detailed

  • carol Date: 02.07.2021

    Honest, straightforward, and to the point. thank you

  • Nicole Date: 27.06.2021

    hi meha I hope ure not lying to me abt Milan 😔

  • Nicole Date: 27.06.2021

    so work will be fine and no major issue ? and Milan when will come back back to Australia can u plz tell me ? and when will he contact me and reconcile I've been waiting for so long for this

  • Nicole Date: 23.06.2021

    hi meha not sure ur not answering me and not connecting plz connect ans answer my questions

  • Audi Date: 22.06.2021

    Great reading. She connects with you. So amazing.

  • Nicole Date: 17.06.2021

    hi meha can u plz open yr questions box I need ur help thanks

  • Nicole Date: 10.06.2021

    kindly continue last thoughts and answer last questions plz many thanks

  • Nicole Date: 07.06.2021

    sorry meha dono this was a bit confusing to me ..but as long as new work completed going forward she won't look should be fine that what u mean ..i don't want her to keep checking my work ..but I'll.spwak to abbas...sorry again thanks for.ur help and patience

  • Nicole Date: 06.06.2021

    thankyou pzl continue with last thoughts and insights thanks again for your help appreciate it

  • Nicole Date: 04.06.2021

    kindly answer my follow up asap

  • bgamble Date: 04.06.2021

    Meha you left me confused about my situation and it’s another girl in the picture

  • Nicole Date: 03.06.2021

    hi meha plz continue last thoughts abt contact and what will happen with Milan plz . as I am trying to chat to you and its not working

  • Krista Date: 01.06.2021

    Best advisor she connects well with your situation and gives timelines.

  • Nicole Date: 27.05.2021

    thanks Meha if you have any additional insights plz msg I'm freaking our abt my job don't want to lose it like last time