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Hello Friends, I am Manish Kumar Arora, a Tarot Reader, using Rider-Waite deck for the last five years. I have been offering consultation to my esteemed clients and guiding them on their life path. Besides, Tarot Reading, my other areas of specialisation include K.P. Astrology, Psychic Reading, Numerology and Vastu Consultancy. I have been writing Zodiac Forecast for 40 international magazines on regular basis.  I will walk the path together with you, channelling for you the divine messages and guidance and help you achieve your goals! My mission is to help you, to manifest your heart’s true desires and transform your life materially and spiritually.


My approach to Tarot reading is to provide a positive, insightful, and meaningful experience for each client. I have been chosen by the Almighty to assist you in finding guidance, and answers to your questions through tarot reading. The cards will provide you with deeper insight into your relationships, career, finance, health, situations in life and possible future outcomes. I have vast experience in relationship issues, and use my abilities to resolve the deepest concerns in your love life. I can also give you advice on your career direction and finances, and help you understand the best way to deal with your dilemmas.


With my 20 years of experience in providing valuable astrological guidance to clients in matters related to the profession, finance, business, investment, love, marital life, progeny, education etc., I have nicked a place of myself in the hearts of my clients. It gives me immense satisfaction when clients get benefitted by my readings and take their decisions accordingly.

Rating & Review

  • carol Date: 02.07.2021

    Straight to point, honest and friendly. thank you

  • Audi Date: 30.05.2021

    He was fast and very attentive. He is very good.

  • Tiffani Oglen Date: 21.05.2021

    thank you so much

  • Krista Date: 23.04.2021

    Awesome reading!

  • princess Hurt Date: 18.04.2021

    he was ok time so fast

  • jessica Date: 06.04.2021

    Great reading 🙏

  • Asha Date: 28.03.2021


  • Sylvia Date: 14.03.2021

    I’m very satisfied with his reading. Very quick respond. Professional and to the point. Thank you Manish for all the extra details. I will update.

  • vanessarosa5 Date: 01.03.2021

    Thanks manish for talking to me . You are awesome and know what to say

  • shonna Date: 18.02.2021

    Every time I use him he says the same thing “It’s over you need to move on.” No matter how much I probe or ask questions, same answer... and my relationship is not over.

  • vanessarosa5 Date: 30.01.2021

    Thanks so much manish ! It was nice meeting you

  • Jesús Díaz Date: 16.01.2021

    great honest advisor

  • jessica Date: 25.11.2020

    Thank you 🙏

  • rebeccarivera2020 Date: 25.11.2020

    on point 🤞

  • charlene411 Date: 04.11.2020


  • Tammy Date: 12.09.2020

    Thank you for the insight I needed it

  • rebeccarivera2020 Date: 09.09.2020


  • desiree Date: 06.09.2020

    thank you..

  • mmorales Date: 17.07.2020

    good feedback and quick response!

  • mmorales Date: 09.07.2020

    very quick and to the point! Ran out of minutes but will be back!!