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I am vedic astrology and I use cuspal interlink theory ,I am Palm reader and I read Indian tarot cards. I am a psychic. I am doing meditation and practicing Kundalini yoga for past 25 years which gives me a perception to see things and the root cause of happening.


I read Indian tarot cards my cards give me the power of positivity and tell me the root cause of any problem. I am a positive person and I see and I guide what is the best thing for your problem, I like to handle things or problems in a very positive manner because I believe whatever is happening is for a reason and by taking right decision we can mould the total situation in our benefit.


I am in occult science and practicing it professionally for past 5 years even though I may not have been this business for quite a long but I am helping people since my school days by doing Palm reading and through dream analysis. I am a Indian soul and my Indian tarrot cards reflect the solution of any problem

Rating & Review

  • Randi Date: 23.07.2021

    She is amazing! I’m so blessed to have found her and able to have her insight. She has been completely accurate and time frames are always on point. She helps calm me when I’m anxious about my situation

  • Randi Date: 18.07.2021

    Anamika is amazing no matter how much I bug her she is always patient and kind. Her predictions are 100% correct and when she is able to give time frames they are accurate as well.

  • Audi Date: 09.07.2021

    Thank you

  • carol Date: 01.07.2021

    Always is kind and honest with what she sees. Gives hope for the future moving forward, thank you

  • Hector Date: 01.07.2021


  • Audi Date: 21.06.2021

    The reading was excellent. She has a special gift.

  • carol Date: 17.06.2021

    Anamika brought such positive light to every situation I presented. honest, kind and helped me to remain positive. 🦋

  • JAKookey123 Date: 16.06.2021


  • Hector Date: 06.06.2021

    Best as always

  • princess Hurt Date: 04.06.2021

    To fast wow

  • Hector Date: 23.05.2021


  • jazmina Date: 21.05.2021

    anamika is a helpful person who always keep giving advise and keep gvin encouragmnt to me . thank u so much anamika. stay safe

  • JAKookey123 Date: 20.05.2021

    Superb as always!! Ty❤️

  • JAKookey123 Date: 03.05.2021

    Excellent 👍

  • Nicole Date: 01.05.2021


  • Randi Date: 24.04.2021

    A anima has been 100% correct on every reading I appreciate her so much and look forward to our next reading she always puts my mind at ease

  • Nicole Date: 21.04.2021

    what do y mean he has so many issues in his bag? why is he taking long to contact me ? why would we fight? aren't we meant to be together forever? isn't he my long term partner? are u sure in 2 months he will come back?

  • JAKookey123 Date: 13.04.2021

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ❣️

  • ScorpioDove Date: 12.04.2021

    very quick responses

  • JAKookey123 Date: 11.04.2021

    Has been completely accurate since day one!!! Ty❣️