Intuitive Clairvoyant


I am an intuitive clairvoyant who specializes in Oracle guidance and healing. I give honest readings as I see the situation and will not tell you what you want to hear but what I see for you, I will tell you what you need to hear with compassionate insight and advice on how to move forward in the best possible way.



I can only connect to one person or subject per question, this is to ensure you get an accurate reading on the situation at hand with no mixed energies.

I read for most areas and do provide special healing services to reconnect the heart chakra and on occasions where I see fit to heal relationships (this has to be where I see that you are meant to be) and not just love relationships either. I can provide time frames although this is only a guideline. I do have empathic abilities and give honest and detailed readings on the situation at hand. 


I have been assisting people for 18 years to find the right path to love, wealth and happiness I am a third-generation psychic from a gifted bloodline and master reiki and golden light healing practitioner, healer and counsellor. I treat each request with love and compassion with the goodwill to offer the best possible solutions to your pressing situations with the hope that you leave feeling empowered and ready to put your best foot forward 😊❀️

Rating & Review

  • Audi Date: 05.07.2021

    Thank you. Great reading

  • Elizabeth Date: 05.07.2021

    not sure if there's an issue with your chat function but I was hoping to ask you for advice with maybe another time

  • Katelyn Date: 11.06.2021

    really great reading and very detailed.

  • bridge Date: 11.06.2021

    Thank you for reading gave me peace and hope!

  • Lauren Date: 06.06.2021

    Thank you lovely sorry for late rating had dad's funeral etc. Thank you for the positive video as always speak to you soon ❀

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 06.06.2021

    Great, feel relief and gives me hopes to be a better person

  • blssd Date: 03.06.2021


  • Julie Kritz Date: 24.05.2021

    Thanks. I like what you said. i just want someone to confirm it . He was my husband in past life, but i renounced the marriage. i saw our future thru dream and you're right. we wont be together again, he'll die ahead of me.

  • jennifer Date: 23.05.2021

    thank you I had sent you a extra question. I will let you know what happens.

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 17.05.2021

    I love it. Not just good insight but she’s like a teacher, a mum to me guiding me a right path to be a strong woman. Thank you so much.

  • carol Date: 17.05.2021

    thank you for the reading!

  • carol Date: 17.05.2021

    always comfort of words. direct and honest. thank you

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 08.05.2021

    Thank you keasa I feel more relieved and relax And most thank you for the all the advice

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 02.05.2021

    I love it I need this so that I learn to love myself and back as who I am

  • Cecilia Tatoy Date: 29.04.2021

    You got all I want to know, and yes you are right on what person I am but because of this feelings for him I’m different. Thank you good insights and lot more

  • phatti86 Date: 19.04.2021


  • Eminya Date: 09.04.2021

    Very wonderful woman! Very heart felt and wanting the best for everyone. Always wanting to ensure we love ourselves first so that we can live and love to the best of our abilities and authentically. Keasa answers every question from the heart 😊

  • jessellab77 Date: 07.04.2021

    Thank you so much πŸ’—

  • Eminya Date: 01.04.2021

    Keasa is an angel of light πŸ™ you will be blessed to have a reading from her πŸ’

  • meme23 Date: 01.04.2021

    Thank you!! I appreciate it! Reading was very insightful πŸ€—