Mercury Retrograde: What Does the Tarot Have to Say?

Well folks, it is Mercury Retrograde time again, and of course in true fashion this blog post is coming to you late in true Mercury Rx fashion.  I wanted to do a quick little draw of the cards for you to bring out what the tarot has to say about this Mercury Retrograde period which starts now, August 30th and goes through until September 22nd. We have a good month of some lovely going back and redoing, rethinking, regrouping and reorganizing our life. But what do the cards say?


6 of cups reversed – Justice 8th Major Arcana upright – 7 of swords upright

The 6 of cups even in the reversed position talks about the future, and opportunities ahead and events coming to fruition, however to be wary of plans that may fail. Which is really what does happen during mercury retrograde. Our plans or our schedules fall apart and things just do not get done the way we expected, hoped or needed it to get done, but we always seem to muddle through it. This card shows me that even thou if plans do not work out the way they are supposed to or how we envisioned them and everything seems to be going down hill fast, this is all part of the need for change. The universe is saying “wait a minute we need to shake it up in order to work it out!” and this card tells me that the next 6 weeks ahead while opportunities will present themselves, it will not all work out the way we expect it to, but how it is meant to be. We will also be looking back to the past to see what did not work before and find new ways to solve old problems!

The Justice Card, while it is in my 007 James Bond deck the 8th major (contrary to the Strength card normally is the 8th) tells me that we need to remember to keep our Balance in check during this mercury retrograde period, and to make sure we are ready to tackle whatever comes our way, we can tackle the balancing act, but with balance you need strength! Balance is easily lost during the retrograde period, so it is easy to fall of course and out of focus. If you are aware this can happen, you can deal with it ahead of time and regain your forward motion and not get side tracked. Mercury loves to throw the monkey wrench into play, but if you keep your balance, keep your focus and know that its coming, you can be ready for whatever you need to be strong to face, and hold steadfast. Also this card brings up contracts and legal matters which, as always do not sign anything important for the next 8 weeks for it could be that monkey wrench itself which you invite the chaos into your life. Steer clear of legal documents for the next 8 weeks and you will be fine.

The 7 of swords, it’s a good card for sure. By the book it talks about new plans and wishes, efforts in spite of uncertainty and keeping the hope and fantasy alive with confidence and forward moving action. Great card! Again over the next 7 weeks it will be busy and a lot going on, never stopping at times! But this is a good thing, as it is propelling many of us into new vistas, goals and dreams. It seems to go hand in hand with the 6 of cups actually. And even thou times may get rough and tough and you feel like quitting, don’t! This card shows us that there are new things coming to you, and keep up the positive energy and attitude, hope is what you can hang onto, because your new plans and ideas along with those wishes will manifest in spite of things that seem to crash down around you. You will see the action happening after mercury is direct again and see exactly why when you held your ground, you were destined to come out on top.

jennSo while everyone is afraid of mercury retrograde, this cycle, don’t be. Yes, change is coming, and yes things will not be 100% always going the way you want it to, but let go to the universe and what it has in store for you. Opportunities will come forward, balance is needed and be strong and you will have a busy next month or so but the end result will bring lots of good stuff, that you have been waiting for, even if still disguised as not-so-fun mercury retrograde mishaps and frustrations. Change is good. And its coming.  Have a great Retrograde! And if you need your own personal reading let me know, I am here to help get you out of the shadows and into the awesomeness ahead!   Blessings always especially during Mercury Retrograde! ~Jenn


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