Ghosting and what to do when it happens to you

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  • Oct 24, 2019

Gather round the fire with your favorite cider and prepare for spooky text silences…This is the time of year where things go bump in the night, and it’s possible that

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Dream Interpretations

I have been doing dream interpretations for roughly five years and I absolutely love it. This month with the full moon going into Pisces is pivotal for dream work. For

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Neptune Placement In Your Chart

In your astrology chart everyone has a placement with Neptune. If you have not had your astrology chart read I actually love to do astrology chart readings. In fact I

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Absolutely Positive Signs that You Have Met Your Soulmate!

Deciphering whether or not you have met a soulmate or just another average Joe can be frustrating. I mean, Men can often portray the “perfect parter” one day, and then

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