Unfiltering the past

We all have those chapters in our self-written book that are our greatest, our most poignant and most memorable. As we drift through life, we discover these chapters are the clearest reflections of where we are today, because we know without these chapters, our stories wouldn’t flow to the present moment, the here and now.

As we look back on all the various memories and how they evoke different emotions within us, it is with ease that we can put a filter on the lens we choose to look back at them with. So, rather than filtering the lens that we place over our past, we could instead learn to remove these synthetic effects and gain the clarity we deserve to move forward and live a life where we are not filtering what was really there in the first place.

In order to gain any form of higher perspective of the scenes from our story that bring back some pain into our present, we must be completely honest with ourselves as to how these scenes in our stories truly played out. Like a detective follows up on the many witnesses and their perspectives, you need to acknowledge if you are witnessing your own scenes and viewing them with one perspective – your own. We all take part in our stories, we are not just an observer, we contribute to our journey in many, many ways. A significant part of gaining perspective is by creating space. Space does not mean creating distractions, this means that we are simply allowing the story to be processed without a forced judgement on how it unfolded. Detaching means creating room for yourselves to make a decision to accept the flaws, take responsibility for what could have been a fault of your own and to own it all. By owning your past, you are in tandem forgiving and eventually accepting what happened, without clenching tight on any hope that it could be any different, allowing yourself to finally remove that filtered lens and rewrite a future for yourself. Lets stop the patterns of belittling our journey, quietening our voice or replaying the story in every version possible.

When we find the one that hurts to look at the most, the one we regret the most, that’s the moment where we need to realize we have the choice to release the victimizing beliefs that hold us captive in our present so we can move on to a future free from the reigns of our past.

Love and Light and Come Speak with me at My Tarot Advisor!   ~Dara

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