Astrological reasons for Coronavirus

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Today the world is going through a big crisis. As we are in the year 2020 and the total of 2020 is no. 4..number 4 is the no. of Rahu and Rahu is always the reason of the epidemic ..if we see astrologically then Rahu is in Gemini sign and Gemini is an airy sign …and this was also one reason of spreading this Coronavirus..the solar eclipse that was occurred on 26 Dec 2019 and at that time six planets were conjunct in the Sagittarius sign ..but now this will start going down as Jupiter’ has changed its sign and it’s in Capricorn now and the sun is also going to transit in its an exalted sign on 15 April 2020..then after 25 April this will start coming down and hopefully, we will be little relieved… ..but still, precautions are most important because this will just start coming down and not going to vanish completely..we will going to get relieved totally after September only when Rahu will change its transit…. this is actually the warning from nature for the human being to stop down as we are trying to ruin the mother nature. But now we all can see that EARTH IS HEALING..we can feel that ..but at this time we must do meditations and keep the thoughts positive and we must try not to take the name of Corona again and again because what we think we attract …so better that we must be positive and always think that WE ARE HEALTHY AND HAPPY..we must thank our God and nature for what we have received…

The famous astronomer said :

Science is not only compatible with spirituality.. it is a profound source of spirituality..

.and at last, I must say that if we all be patient and follow the precautions then




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