Choice vs Obligation

Learning the difference between what is a choice or an obligation can be one freeing path towards finding independence. This can be a way to feel empowered in times of you want to rid feelings of weakness and can be done by making a choice, regardless of what the choice may be or however big or small.

When it came to choice, I looked around I could see those struggle by staying stagnant in the indecision because they did not know the power of their place in the world due to whatever previous circumstances they may have faced in their pasts. This was in fact the opposite of their place here on Earth and their reason for being here. Everyone who walks on Earth has great power and strength and a place in this world. The process of knowing their worth is a large one, but to begin this process, one can make choices, these don’t necessarily have to be for themselves either. By beginning this, no longer will one stand in limbo, in the floating; endlessly allowing others to decide for them. I discovered that one could give their power away to two things, one being the indecision itself, two in the belief that that another person was more powerful than they are. We need to disconnect from this belief. We need more people believing that no one is more powerful than themselves. Saying these words out loud sounds strange and often taken as egotistical, but there is no ego involved here.

Choice is the greatest gift, it can shine it’s illuminating light onto all one’s capabilities, potentially what they had never witnessed prior to that moment of acknowledgement. A reason why understanding their power in this world is of such importance.

When it comes to obligation, it is normally due to the urge to please. I have noticed that people neglect the gift of free will; neglecting the prospect of having the power to change our minds whenever we want to. Why? Because it means we have to be active, and why do we avoid being active? Because being active means promoting change and why do we resist change? Because change is scary. But this is not only about change, it is about stepping outside of our comfort zones in order to walk into a life where we are taking care of ourselves in the opportunity to put our needs over someone else‘s, something so often that is neglected by us. We must learn the practice of putting ourselves first, because it is with this action, that we can create space to gain perspective and acknowledge the true reasons we stay in situations that no longer serve us. 

As we detach from this internal obligation and get grounded in understanding that we can only grow stronger, develop as humans on these many ways of life, we can come to understand that is our call to look out for ourselves and protect ourselves from the situations that we cannot control. We are draining our energy by having a constant faith to believe all of life is our responsibility. Letting this ideology go there is true liberation. 

We need to spend more of our time focusing inwards and look at the ways that we can develop our own lives and better ourselves.  We are given the opportunities to help loved ones in need but we cannot continue down the cycle of draining our energy when the results never change.

If we wish to talk about this freedom and independence, when looking for it, this is it, having choice is true liberation, the thing that we can find within ourselves just by making the simple steps toward it is where it all begins. What choice will you make today that serves you?

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