December 2017 TarotScopes

TarotScopes for December 2017

Aries   Knight of Wands – The Aries may find themselves ready to embark on new adventures, uncharted territory in their lives. This may be a sign to start trying for love again, take a road trip, or even just find a new restaurant to love! Let the energy of momentum help you forward this month into the new year.

Taurus  3 of Pentacles – This month will show you not feeling as alone in your work. As a Taurus, usually the burdens fall squarely on your shoulders, but this months help will arrive. Don’t be a afraid to reach out and let it in, too.

Gemini – Justice Rx – December shows the Gemini not finding the answers they’re looking for. This has to do with their own inner blockages, old patterns that haven’t been brought to the surface to be processed yet. What in your daily life are you turning a blind eye to, that might loosen up more in your life?

Cancer – 9 of Swords Rx – Be careful not to let your mind rule your perspective. This month might be more of a challenge for the naturally emotional Cancer, but flow with these feelings, and let them pass. If you resist your negative emotions, like anxiety, depression, or feeling stuck, you will only subject yourself to them longer!

Leo – Knight of Cups – The Leo may find themselves in for a pleasant surprise romantically this month. For the single Leo men or women, embody this feeling to let you go forward on a new adventure. Try something new, bring your spouse a surprise, bake your boyfriend a cake, and so on. The options are unlimited, and it will take you deeper into those important bonds.

Virgo – Queen of Swords – For a Virgo, being complex on their thoughts and emotions is a natural state of being, but this month might deepen that inner world a little further. Let your independent nature take you to new places and perspectives, but be careful not to isolate your friends and family through the process. This month shows a deeper focus inwards, and rearranging your mental space.

Libra – Justice- How suiting that the sign of balance received the card of fairness as well. Expect your natural powers and intellect to come to use this month, and for others to come forward needing your perspective.

Scorpio – Ace of Swords Rx – This month will involve a strong point in your life where action will be needed, but you’re hesitant to take it. Take a step back and gather facts, there may be pieces of information you’re missing that’s leading to all this confusion. For example, a fight with a friend or partner, that left you feeling hurt and distant. Listening at another time to their side, without being emotionally involved, can help clear up why you’re both feeling this way.

Sagittarius – 10 of Wands – Don’t carry it all, Saggi. You’ve taken everything on your back to make your dreams happen. While this is ideal, don’t worry to delegate your stress, talk with friends, and just set down your pack ever now and then to enjoy the current point in your life.

Capricorn – 2 of Swords – December shows a time in your life where you’ll have to look harder at a cross roads point. This is clearing the way for the new year, twos are all about partnerships, decisions, and finding balance. It’s the start to something more, but first you’ll have to make clear the path you want to go down.

Aquarius – 2 of Wands Rx – Take the time to review. Aquarius can be a little ungrounded, and this month shows it’s time to step out of that cloud space and down to Earth for a little while to set things straight in your life. Where do you want your life to go? Set goals, intentions, and an action plan on how to get there. Then you can go back to dreaming!

Pisces –  Queen of WandsWhere do your passions lie, Pisces? Let them ignite you this month, and this will influence those in your life to be more in line with their own desires. Let yourself be inspired, so you can inspire others, too. Feeling lost? Then now is definitely the time to find your true hearts calling again.

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