DIY Career Reading for 2019

With the new year, we often have a lot of questions on how things are going to go. Here is an outlook of how things are going to go for you over this next year for your career. Pick the picture you are drawn to, then scroll to the corresponding number to see how things will go for your career in 2019!  If you would like to have a personalized Career Reading with me, come visit me inapp for a Video, Photo or Live chat session! ~Blessings of the New Year , Dan K

1. This year will bring the need for change. It is time to leave the past behind, and move forward. Look for what it is that you will enjoy doing, and is in line with your soul. YoIt may not be a happy time leaving your current job, but moving on to the right career will leave you fulfilled much more, and for far longer than your current position.

2. This year may leave you confused and trying to figure out what it is you really want in a career. It looks like the main struggle will be seeing things clearly. The biggest thing you could do to help with this, is take some down time, and meditate. Take time for you, and work on getting in touch with who you truly are at the core. Your subconscious is trying to show you, but you need to be able to get in touch with that first.

3. 2019 looks like it will being stability with your career. Nothing too exciting, but at the same time, nothing too negative. The best news here, is that things will be good and stable for you.

4. This next year looks very good for you career wise. If you have been worried, let go of the worry. It looks like you will have plenty to celebrate, and that things will go better than you could have planned. Enjoy.

5. Fair and balanced are the words that fit when it comes to your career outlook for 2019. Basically, you will get it of it what you put into it. This could be great, or it could be a struggle, you decide.

6. Whatever it is you are doing now, I would expect that to change this year. It doesn’t look like it will end on a positive note, either. Be prepared for an unhappy ending, and be ready to move on.

7. Teamwork seems to be in the cards for you in 2019. When the opportunity presents itself, be the team player, and show what you can contribute. The more you can work with a team, the better your opportunities will be.

8. It looks as though you’ve had your fair share of struggles, and it really seems like it has all been out of your control. The good news is, it looks like that should come to an end this year, and things should start getting easier for you.

9. Over this next year, it will be a struggle to stay on task. You will find yourself dreaming more than taking action. Try to catch yourself, and do everything you can to get back on task. Otherwise, this could cause a lot more struggles.

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