The Full Strawberry Moon – June 27 2018

This moon is given its name due to the ripening of fruits. It is also known as the Honey Moon, Full Rose Moon, and the Strong Sun Moon. The full moon encompasses a three day span of June 26-28th with the moon being at its peak on the 27th. Full moons herald great energy as it is when the moon has its greatest impact on the tides of the oceans. As we are made up of 90% water it makes sense that we too are affected greatly by the moon and her affect on nature.

Traditionally, full moons are revered for their ability to aid in bringing spiritual matters to a close. Many individuals use the full moon to practice magick, preform rituals to help cleanse themselves of unwanted energies, and to give thanks and honor the cycles of the moon, universe and nature

This moon is the first full moon of the Summer! It’s and exciting time for us to experience the magic of nature and connect with the energies of the universe on many levels. This full moon will be in the vicinity of Saturn. This means that Saturns energy will be at play here also. Saturn is in opposition to the moon at this time. According to many sites the moon turns completely full at 2353 or 1153pm on June 27th CDT or on June 28th at 0453 UTC.

On a spiritual level this Moon embraces the fiery energy of the sun as it occurs so close to the Summer solstice. There are numerous traditions related to the celebration of the solstice and the full moon which can be researched. At this time the full moon will be at 6 degrees Capricorn, which is opposite the sun in Cancer. Areas to pay special attention to at this time are: Knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, patella, bones, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair, spleen, the organ of balance.

Full moons bring with them enhanced energy. Remember to stay calm focus on extra meditation during this time to receive the full benefits of the full moon. Things to focus on during any full moon include: letting go of things that no longer serve you, think positive! Send those positive vibes out to be amplified by the energies of the moon, focus on your dreams and write them down, meditation, sending out positive energy to those in need, and finally giving thanks for all the things the universe has brought you.

Overall the June Full Moon looks to be one that brings with it a chance to move forward, inspire change, and bring positivity into your life. Remember during the full moon to take of  time to center yourself, breathe, meditate, and most of all visualize a life with positive prosperity! Take time with this full moon to write down what you want in your life, don’t forget to make sure you recognize what you need too, as these are different. Sometimes, they are the same but often when we take a moment to define our wants and needs we will see differences. Take time to do that with the energy of the Strawberry Moon. Help put your plan into action with the upcoming new Moon and the wonderful energy July is bringing.

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