Love & Relationship OracleScope for 2018

Jessica provides us with a Love and Relationship OracleScope for 2018 broken down by your Astrological sign. Take a look and see what 2018 has in store for your Love Life!

Aries – Flow  Your being reminded to go with the flow when it comes towards having a relationship during this year of 2018. Do not allow allow your emotions to blow your hole relationship out of the rhythm. Go with the waves during this coming year.

Taurus – Embrace   Your being reminded for relationship is to embrace who you truthfully you are from inside and out. As there is a seed your growing this year. When it comes towards relationships.

Gemini – Take the Lead    Your getting to remind that you need to take a lead when it comes to the relationships. You must take the lead in order to have a well balance relationship. For 2018.

Cancer – Love   Your being reminded you are loved its just that you need to know it in yourself so your partner will feel that love that you have from inside of yourself.

Leo – Nurture   Your being reminded that your relationship will involve nurture. So you will have to learn how to nurture your relationship in 2018. In order to keep a well established relationship

Virgo – Shine  This is the year you will shine! Open the door of showing people you shine as you are specially in a relationship figure. Also take care of yourself as your shining up high

Libra – Trust   You are being to reminded to trust yourself and your partner. Trust that things are going to happen not always as plan but as time goes into 2018. Your relationship will only get easy if you trust the partner

Scorpio – Manifest   You will be able to manifest your dreams. Specially in a romance. You will be able to manifest thoughts and remove fears that has hurt you in the past. Just know that you can send out good and bad thoughts during in 2018.

Sagittarius – Detach   You will feel during 2018 some detachment from your relationship. Is like you need to give something up so you can have a blessing in disguise. This is not the year to hold onto things. It’s to give them up.

Capricorn – Teach  Your going to be able to teach your lover, friend as your getting involved relationship wise. People who comes to you during this year will see you as someone who can teach them.

Aquarius – Base Chakra speaks I have  Your getting reminded that your base chakra could be needing a firm foundation. As this is all about what you have. What can you give in order to have a relationship this year. Also the base chakra speaks about you needing to meditate this year on that chakra to get balance.

Pisces – Awaiting Results  This is the year you could be waiting for results regarding to relationship stands. So this is just a reminder and what is coming up for 2018. You do not need to be holding onto results may not work in your favor.


The deck used for this 2018 OracleScope is the Psychic Tarot of the Heart, by John Holland

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