Mastering your Empathy

Empathy is the ability to open up and have an informal chemistry to, or resonance with, anything. We do this all the time. For example, we might look at a sunset and be filled with gratitude or see someone struggling and be filled with a desire to help and support. This is an amazing ability and one that might be undervalued when it is misunderstood. Mastering our empathy does not have to be a burden. In fact, it’s quite easy and it comes down to our attention. I hope to bring clarity on ways to look at and utilize empathy so that your journey on earth is joyful and easy, which is what you deserve. We, as humans, sense and sort information quickly, however, if there is no clear direction it is easy to get confused. Which is why knowing what we prefer is important!

Empathy, on its own is a neutral experience – it is having a relationship with something, neither “good” or “bad” — just a simple connection. When we connect with this feeling within, most of us sense a soft, steady, loving vibration (or hum/pulse) from the center of our being. From here, we extend empathy outward to the world and those in it. We are best in-tune with this vibration when we are calm, connected, happy/content, and detached from specific outcomes. Since empathy is within, it is a personal choice to use and we are individually responsible for checking-in to see where it’s going and what we prefer. I am sure you have noticed how we have the capacity to empathize with misery and bliss equally because it is truly neutral!

Frequently tuning inward to our empathy supports us in identifying how much we extend, for how long, and to who/what situations. The more we consider what brings us joy the less likely we are to engage with individuals/environments that overwhelm us. When we continue to explore and use what supports our inner-peace and stability we end up attracting more of that in the external world. When we, as empaths, use our energy without checking in first, we can leak out to many things at once, which is draining.

My guides and angles have shown me that our attention is very important and when it’s outside of us too long, it creates challenges that are actually preventable. To clarify, empathy “outside of us” is when we frequently worry our about ourselves or others, hold onto fear, or insecurities about the unknown. Creating positive and healthy experiences within is easy, remember all we have to do is pay attention to what we prefer to think and feel – then continue to notice what matches that in our day to day lives. Beyond the temporary triggers of fear and worry is the steady hum of unconditional love, empathy. This is our truest knowing, so when the external world feels unstable, we must turn inward and notice our ability to remain stable!

Below are tips from my guides to master your empathy, remember it requires daily practice and tuning in to what is right for you. Trust that you can start anywhere and you are capable of rapid change! It is common to use one or many of these daily and change them over time. There are no worries needed about shifting when something feels off, old, or uninteresting — simply choose something different!

  • Connect to nature and take care of plants! This supports us in connecting to our center and sensing the natural rhythms of life. We are less likely to get agitated by societal changes.
  • Sleep and meditate when needed. This allows us to restore our sense of connection to our empathy so it can freely flow, without being blocked by exhaustion and distraction. 
  • Eat/Hydrate as our body requires. We are all different, here to eat different foods. There is no specific diet that is better or worse – there is simply honoring what it is our body wants to experience in a happy, balanced way.
  • Have a core group of friends (doesn’t have to be many people) who understand our empathy. On ground and online groups are increasing in popularity  because many people are tuning inward to their empathy and are connecting with like-minded and hearted individuals. It’s very exiting to get involved!
  • Use a journaling practice to bring our attention to the details of our day. Writing down mantras/affirmations, such as, “I am loving and lovable” will support us in remembering this throughout the day or in tough moments.
  • Body movement such as stretching, dancing, yoga, running, lift, etc. supports us ensuring our muscles are at ease and we’re not holding onto any trapped energy from our daily exchanges.
  • Unapologetically using our time and space to learn about and invest in what brings us joy and sparks curiosity. We are passionate beings and are allowed to be excited about this life!

I hope this supports you on your journey of navigating life from a place of empowerment. We can extend empathy to anyone and anything for any length of time! So, if we temporarily detach it to ensure that we are safe, grounded, and open – it is an act of self love and self care. It is from this inner place of empowerment we can engage with people and environments with ease! Re-attaching cords can be done instantaneously, so there is no fear in disconnecting in order to fully sort out what is ours and what is others! When we show up to places and around others full of our light, love, and power it is very easy for us to sense the ways we can connect, without hesitation and overworking.

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