May 2018 TarotScopes

Aries  Six of Wands – In the time of Taurus, the Aries will have success in their pursuits. Becoming more grounded this month will help balance the side of Aries that feels like their efforts are succeeding, and that they deserve recognition for all that they’ve accomplished. While it’s good to be proud of your achievements, the Sun in Taurus will help make sure that it doesn’t go completely to your head!

Taurus  The Sun – How ironic, during the astrological time of Sun passing through the constellation of Taurus, The Sun card appeared for Taurus this month! I read this as an emphasis of being “your time to shine” and the universe giving a subtle nod to all the attributes a Taurus holds dear.

Gemini – Eight of Swords Rx – You’ve made it through a challenging time, and you’re coming out of this in the month of May. An important shift here is the mental aspect, realigning your perspectives away from being a victim of your circumstances. Realizing your own power in your destiny is a huge step away from being restricted by “fate”!

Cancer – King of Pentacles Rx – Be careful not to fall into self indulgences this month. Cancers emotions flow quickly, but when forced to be grounded in the time of Taurus, it can lead to emotional eating or other ways of expressing your energies in unhealthy ways. Be sure to visit a river or take frequent showers and baths in order to keep that flow moving.

Leo – The Fool Rx – Mistakes happen to even the best of us. But it’s when you keep plowing forward with them, and turn a blind eye to better judgement, that you become the Fool. Remember that though intentions can be pure, your path can still be turned away from where you hoped it would go.

Virgo – Six of Cups Rx – Although the past builds us to who we are today, it’s only be growing from it that our true dreams and potential can be accomplished. Be it a past lover, an ex best friend, or maybe a situation where times were just a bit easer… it’s best to take those as part of your roots that made you who you are, and not long to go backwards. Whether it’s easy or not, the person or event is no longer a part of your life in the now. All you can do is move forward from here!

Libra – Two of Pentacles Rx – In the horoscope, Libra is known for balance. Yet in the time of Taurus, you may be finding yourself in disorganization and disarray. Managing your activities and commitments might feel like a struggle this month, and that’s ok to scale things back to a more manageable level! Look deeply at your life and see what is taking up more of your mental time than necessary.

Scorpio – Ace of Cups – Let your passions flow forth this month! While the energy of the Scorpio can be difficult to manage at times, this month shows love and creativity taking a forefront. Don’t pass up this opportunity to harness that flow of energy in your life towards a new, inspiring direction on your path.

Sagittarius – Three of Swords – Releasing past pains will be the focus of this month, and those swords have been stuck in your heart for a long time. So expect it to not be a simple process! Past heartbreaks, losses, grief, and rejections are held inside of you, and it’s time to let those go. You’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel after.

Capricorn – Eight of Wands Rx – While you might have had intentions for moving forward this month, it’s going to be met with delays and frustrations. While holding off on plans can be difficult, divine timing is putting in obstacles for a reason, and it’s only by finding out why through waiting that you’ll reach your destination.

Aquarius – The Hanged Man Rx – Letting go is a process that can take time and persistence. Right now, you may still be stalling and indecisive about how to move forward. You may still feel stuck in the situation. But just know, that at any time, you can look in a new direction and start over. Reflect on where you are now, and what path really will help bring about the change you want.

Pisces –  Queen of Swords – Getting your life in order will feel like a breeze this month. You’ll find the energies to be like winds in your sails, helping you to get organized, feel more independent, and check your perspective back into alignment with your goals!

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