Navigating Life through these unprecedented times!

The end is near. The end of living unconsciously. As this chapter closes, a new door opens, new dreams, new love, new togetherness… It is a blessing to live in these times, a time where we are participating and experiencing this new birth, a shift on a new trajectory towards self-love and in doing so, an enlightened collective consciousness of love and oneness.
This is the beginning of the purge of mankind. Do not be afraid. Mother Earth, our enlightened spirit guides, source, God is with us, helping us navigate through this. We came here for this experience. Yes, I do understand that this is out of our comfort zone, but we were getting too comfortable in a world that no longer served our highest good. So, consciously choose love over fear. Fear is a strong emotion that is based on a future that has not happened as yet. It causes tension in the body, anxiety, depression, anger and many other uncomfortable feelings. It is not real. It is an illusion. You are not trapped. Yes, sometimes it may feel like you are at the bottom of a deep dark pit. It’s okay, feel it but not dwell in it. Nothing is permanent. When you have a thought of fear or feel it, bring yourself back into your body and the present moment by doing the following steps:
Step 1: Take a deep breath- count to 4 as you inhale, hold your breath while counting to 4, then gently exhale while counting to 4.
Step 2: Put your palms over your heart centre and breathe (repeat step 1) while feeling the movement on your chest. Feel the rise and fall of your chest.
Step 3: Say out aloud- I am fully grounded.
Step 4: Say out aloud- I am whole, healthy and complete. My family is whole, healthy and complete. All is well.
This is just the start of the massive collective purge. There will be more to come. So, practice, practice, practice! Observe your thoughts and believe with unwavering faith that you are supported by the universe! You are loved! You are a sovereign being of light, you are a walking lantern! You are your Creator. You got this!
In love & light,
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