Pluto Transit 2020

Pluto moved into Capricorn sign on 23rd Feb 2020 and with Saturn already present there, makes it a malefic combination.

Pluto is the slowest moving planet and when it moves, its steamrolls and makes you feel. It represents upheavals, drastic transformations, extremes of good and evil. Most important of all, it produces a permanent change. Capricorn is a sign of profession, economy, status, ambition, and leadership. It emphasizes being practical, seeking equality of rights, development of potential according to capabilities. This Saturn Pluto conjunction has transited in Capricorn and the impact of this transit in the first house or ascendant will be: It is an obligation placed on you to take yourself more seriously to mature and grow up. With Pluto, its possible and external factor forces you into the realization.

Similarly, if you have been in a rut for years, ignoring the need to change, pluto will force you out of that too. And again, an external challenge to your usual view of yourself will drive that process. Saturn Pluto conjunction has transited and the impact of this transit in the second house will be: Expect profound structural changes to your finances, value system and self esteem. So if your finances are not as secure as they could be, you may experience a monetary crash that forces you to take your personal financial security much more seriously than before.

Saturn Pluto conjunction has transited and the impact of this transit in the third house will be: It shows a difficult time mentally. What pluto and saturn are trying to do here is make you realize that you need to reconsider the way you think, speak and interact with the world. You are not being punished but you are being asked to work hard at changing your habitual responses- mental and verbal- to those around you.

This Conjunction in the fourth house affect at the most personal level. Your core stability will be affected and atleast one of the matters connected with this house (your home, family, roots, parents and personal foundation) will experience irrevocable change. So the effects here are more sudden and intense and you will need to adjust to new and more difficult domestic or family situations more quickly.

This conjunction in the fifth house will give you mixture of pleasure and pain. You will find yourself pushed into a developmental process- either through a series of personal disappointments, big life changing decisions and sheer hardwork.

family situations more quickly.

When this conjunction moved through your sixth house, you will need to pay attention to your health and well being, work ethics, and personal organization.  So it indicates about being more efficient in your life. Be prepared for a crisis of some kind. You may have problems with your own work routine and may be you find you have increased responsibilities or stress because of the action of others.

When saturn conjuncts pluto transits your seventh house your partnership and relationship will be affected by it the most. It wants brutal honesty and so it gives a message to put those relationships on an honest and equal basis and make them work. And if that cant be done, then you need to transform or end the association.

Impact of this conjunction on your eighth house – you may be faced with matters such as owning your sexuality or major life changes such as emotional fallout from child birth. You could even be a victim of crime.

Impact of this conjunction on the ninth house will be that your judgement may seem questionalable and your long held opinions on social matters seem now to cause you deep unease. You could even be subject to-or take- legal action. It is possible that you could find yourself in dispute with others who differ from you in their political or religious ideology. It also gives problems in the matter or social justice or immigration. So transit of this conjunction on this house is like a game changer of your life.

The impact of this conjunction on the tenth house will be that you could find career change forced on you by circumstances such as redundancy or retirement. The company you work for could fold or you could find yourself being promoted and having to adjust to new and heavier responsibilities. You may plan to quit the job and start your own business. It also indicates dissatisfaction or depression at work.

On the eleventh house, this conjunction would make one feel compelled to re-examine the personal goals or aspirations. You may experience an issue with friends or develop a strong feeling that there is something out there more important than you. You could find a cause to fight or become a key warrior. Your goals will change during this time.

When Saturn and pluto transit through your twelfth house, it gives lots of psychological effects on you. Though it sounds scary, actually it’s about clearing out stuff you have been hoarding in your mind for too long and that can only make you stronger as a result. This process is not so easy. Pluto demands change yet Saturn is the most change-resistant planet, and it creates conflicts. So overall it may work out as an emotional crisis of some kind. It could show up as a delayed response to an earlier trauma, so it is better to locate the problem, route it out and move on. Its way too exhausting to carry emotional baggage forever.

So this conjunction only needs honesty, hard work, and trust in yourself.


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