What to expect from a reading?

If you decide to start reading, keep your mind open. What the Advisor tells you may not be what you want to hear, but it is important not to judge the reading immediately after the session is over. Take some time to analyze all the information that the advisor has given you, allow yourself to assimilate it before discarding what you heard that you did not like.

A Reading is much more than the answer to a question, it is not only getting a quick answer. Many times, it acts in a form of therapy. Remember that we are all energy, our life is the result of our actions and thoughts and we must face the consequences of our actions with courage and maturity.

The responses of an Advisor are not a sentence. The Advisor can prevent and anticipate events, but cannot interfere with the will of the person being consulted or the person for whom you are asking. That is why it must be borne in mind that a reading is much more than a simple answer to a question, it can be therapeutic in a certain sense because taking into account the events and decisions of the past and the consequences that this has brings to your present, you can heal future. It all depends on what you do with the information that is given to you in the reading. Keep in mind that the last word will always be yours.

The readings can give you an idea of ​​the possible causes and effects, but, more importantly, it will give you an idea to act on them. It is very likely that, as a result of a reading, you will gain new knowledge that will allow you to make positive changes in your future and should allow you to change any negative patterns in your life.

An Advisor can only guide you; they can offer you projections about your life, they can give ideas and advices, and you can decide what will be the next step you should take, keep in mind the final decisions about your life can only be made by YOU. Once you finish a reading, you have to analyze, corroborate and make a final decision. Remember that the responsibility for your life is yours alone; not from the Advisor.

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