Meet Jewel, This Weeks Featured Tarot Advisor

My Tarot Advisor has been adding new readers to our professionals available to assist you over the last few weeks and this week we would like for you to meet Jewel!  Watch her video below.

Jewel is a clairvoyant and also a clairaudient, which she uses these abilities with her tarot readings.  She knows what the person you are asking about is doing or thinking at the moment. Jewel is all about saying the truth and telling her clients what she really sees for them, being there for them. Jewel was born with her gifts me and her y mother realized she had these gifts at nine years old. “Nobody taught me anything- I taught myself as I learned and practiced my gifts. I decided to start to use Tarot cards to confirm my Psychic readings.”

Jewel offers different kinds of readings but it all depends what type of reading her client is looking for!  She does provide time frames. Clients can expect clarity end guidance readings with Jewel as she confirms with her Tarot cards. She can offer True and honest readings and she will not sugarcoat any reading.  Jewel is completely nonjudgmental and is compassionate about your situation.

While she has no professional training Jewel has been doing readings for over 9 years. She has worked on many online psychic lines and also in person. Her intentions are to help others that don’t have the ability as a psychic to help themselves. She loves that she can answer client’s questions and amaze them with her answers and insights.  Jewel’s clients seem to come back time and time again and say that her predictions came true.

Speak with Jewel today at My Tarot Advisor!


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