Seasonal Cleaning Your Home (and Yourself!)

The dreaded workload associated with a good spring or fall clean is something very few people look forward to. The clean feeling after, not just in the house but in our own energetic field, is why we are willing to go through with it season after season. Why do we feel better afterwards though? Is it just because our house is tidier and science says less mess means less anxiety? That is a newer scientifically proven theory, based upon empirical data, but they can only speculate about “why” it works that way. I have my own speculation to add to theirs.
Now there are some people who have OCD about their home, and anything out of place or not quite right does cause anxiety. I know and love quite a few people like that, and so this is something I understand well. They (thankfully!) also understand how my house feels more comfortable with a minimum level of chaos. Yes, we are still friends, and we can visit each others homes for extended periods of times. But for those without that additional motivation to keep clearing your home of unneeded things and dust, going through seasonal items, like summer clothing or toys for example, also sets your mind and your energy into clearing mode.

(Now I just want to clarify that we all do differing levels of cleaning for this, so just consider the following examples as metaphors more than as a guideline for what you should be doing… we all do things differently as we need to!)

Whenever we sort through things in our lives, we unintentionally sort through things mentally as well. How many times have you looked at something from your past, a gift or moment from someone in the past and thought back on what they mean to you now versus when you first met them, or received that gift? This is your mind working through your connection with them and evaluating if it is at the right energy level. Sometimes we reevaluate how often we should be connecting with them, and sometimes we realize we have allowed them to have more control over our feelings than they should have. Sorting through things to put away is one of the biggest ways to clear your energy.

One other good mode of clearing, is what I call refreshing a space. Some would call it cleaning a closet, or something like that, but those little nooks and crannies in your homes that rarely get vacuumed or dusted and acquire cobwebs through the season also house latent energy. Going through your closets twice a year allows you to refresh the energy within. Just simply emptying, wiping it down or vacuuming it out, and then replacing the contents, mindfully, gives you a chance to do a similar thing within your energy. Now to some this will sound silly, but once again science backs me up on this. When you go through these rarely used areas, your brain is triggered with memories, even if it is just as simple as remembering when you bought that set of sheets, or your mom’s favourite recipe that gets made in your crock pot, or the time in the rain you were using that umbrella and someone made you feel better on a miserable day as they were walking past and told you how lovely you looked. These are all things that effect our energy.

Buying the sheets sounds rather unexciting and unconnected to energy, but when you consider you use sheets for approximately 6-8 hours daily for a week (for most people,) that is a lot of time spent wrapped up in them. They house your energy. Ask any sniffer dog, and they will be able to hunt you down in a crowd of people. If they became buried you no longer liked them due to the colour not matching your preferences anymore, or an extended illness or bed rest where you were absolutely sick of seeing those sheets, perhaps its time to donate them. Removing things that no longer serve your purpose is all part of cleaning and clearing, and contemplating whether your opinion on things like a set of sheets you saw too much on bed rest is a grudge you are ready to let go of, releases that energetic weight you were unknowingly packing around since you stashed them in there last. Again, these are just metaphors. Sheet sets are fairly innocuous most of the time.

Bittersweet memories like helping your mom make her infamous chili in a crockpot when she is no longer able to stand by your side can be harder to think on at first, and then over time it becomes a cherished memories. These ties are often linked to someone who has passed on, although sometimes they have become more distant on the earthly plane. These are links that need healing and sometimes strengthening, or lessening. If your loved one has passed on, the link that ties you to them is being reevaluated, and may need to transition more from the earthy focused heart chakras, which is no longer an option, to a higher frequency. That means, while your heart chakra connected with theirs, that is like trying to tune to your favourite radio station after they have switched from am to fm. You won’t pick up the same station unless you look in a different type of frequency. Instead of looking for their loving energy being returned to you on the heart chakra level, you need to look at the higher realms of energy frequency. That means instead of green, its pink. Look for a more refined feeling from them, where it is truly only love focused. While you may recall the times you were scolded for not listening, or abandoning your chores, they only remember the positive energy that was shared. Laughter, love, kindness, happiness, those are the only energetic feelings they will share after they have passed. The rest is just not worth their time or effort anymore. So while you look at things that bring back memories, dismiss the bad, and only focus on the positive emotions that come with things.

Last example of how cleaning helps clear your energy. Rain and the umbrella. Every single human has had a bad day where some stranger attempted to greet us in a way to boost our spirit that day. Some of us see it for what it is in the moment, others see it as someone clearly not seeing the day you have had! Looking back on this moment allows us to see the positive influx of energy that was meant to come our way. If we accepted it then, it allows us to imprint this energy onto the umbrella rather than the gloomy or miserable energy we tend to associate with rainy periods. If we didn’t see it for that at the time, it allows us to reevaluate that moment and appreciate the gift we didn’t understand until now. We can then also head out and share that gift with others, if they are having a good day or not, and hope they understand the gift as well. Wherever that umbrella goes, it will carry with it the memory of that person who offered a bit of sunshine to you on that cloudy day, and every time you take it out with you, it can remind you to spread a little of that cheerful greeting to others. After all, kind words can be used over and over, and not run out, they just multiply like smiles.

So each time you deep clean your house, or spring/fall clean, you have the chance to go through your energetic cleaning too. We tend to hold on to a lot of latent energy from our past, so it is beneficial that we cast away the negative pieces of it as we are able, and to then only hold on to the positive memories, just as we do in our homes.

I hope that my tips and ideas to help you clean and declutter not only your space but yourself help you during this season of change!  ~ValRose   I am available daily at My Tarot Advisor for Live Chat and Video Tarot Readings.

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